Ducey Activates National Guard, Issues Executive Order Restricting Businesses

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey at the Health Emergency Operations Center. [Photo courtesy of Gov. Doug Ducey via Twitter]

PHOENIX⁠ — On Thursday, Governor Doug Ducey issued an Executive Order as part of his plan to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Arizona.

Ducey is activating the National Guard to assist grocery stores and food banks with re-stocking shelves in the face of heightened demand.

“We remain focused in the state of Arizona on proactively limiting the spread of COVID-19,” said Governor Ducey. “These latest actions are based on the facts and on data, and come after careful consultation with public health experts from every county in Arizona, our hospitals, local elected officials, and private sector partners. They reflect guidance from the CDC and the latest recommendations from our Department of Health Services, while going even further to bolster our efforts with additional manpower and resources. This is an all-in effort. We are determined to take all necessary precautions to address this outbreak and will continue to act with urgency to protect public health.”

Ducey’s Executive Order blocks all elective surgeries in the state to “free up medical resources and maintain the capacity for hospitals.”

The Order also requires restaurants in counties with a confirmed case of the coronavirus to provide only dine-out options. The Order also forces the closure of bars, movie theaters and gyms. Restaurants will also be allowed to deliver alcohol to customers with a food purchase.

Ducey’s Order delays expiration dates on Arizona driver’s licenses in order to prevent the elderly from being forced to go to MVD.

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