Former Arizona Board Of Regents President Calls For Governor, Legislators To Be Shot

Chris Herstam appearing on Arizona Horizon on March 18, 2020, calls for violence against Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and legislators if they do not approve a 100 percent mail-in ballot election in November.

PHOENIX – The former president of the Arizona Board of Regents, Chris Herstam, is being condemned for calling for violence against Arizona’s governor and legislators. Herstam made the comment in an interview on Arizona Horizon during a discussion about mail-in ballots.

Although Arizona Horizon host Ted Simons seemed unfazed by Herstam’s call for the lawmakers to “be shot,” even progressive Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts, a frequent critic of the governor and Republican legislators called on him to “reconsider” his comment.

AZGOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward called Herstam’s comment, “dangerous and inflammatory” as well as being “out of bounds.”

Rep. Paul Gosar weighed in on the subject:

Herstam, a columnist with the Arizona Mirror, is not only the former president of the Arizona Board of Regents, he is a former legislator and anti-Second Amendment advocate.