Arizona Legislature Passes Budget, $50 Million In Immediate COVID-19 Aid

Arizona capitol

PHOENIX – On Monday, the Arizona Legislature approved a baseline budget which includes $50 million in COVID-19 aid. Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers called the package “a bi-partisan, responsible budget that provides certainty and continuity in state operations.”

“This pandemic is potentially the worst public health and economic threat that our state and nation has faced. The House Republican Caucus stands united in supporting individual Arizonans, families, and small businesses, and our votes today send a strong and clear message that we will act for the good of all Arizonans,” said Bowers in a press release.

“The House and Senate join together to pass a bipartisan budget that will bring relief to Arizonans is in this difficult time. The bills have now been sent to Governor Ducey’s desk where we hope he signs them expeditiously. The budget passed by the Senate and House as a result of genuine bipartisan collaboration done with the singular goal in mind to protect Arizonans from this virus and the damaging effects it will wreck on our people,” said Senate Democratic Leader Sen. David Bradley.

Some would disagree that it was a collaborative effort after Democratic members attempted to tack on numerous measures unrelated to the COVID-19 health crisis including vote-by-mail legislation.

“With this important work done, the House stands in adjournment to the sound of the gavel. Members are asked to return home in order to do their part to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic. At this time, it is our hope to reconvene at the Capitol at the appropriate time to resume the legislative session, taking up consideration of additional budget items and pending legislation,” said Bowers.

“During this period, we will continue to closely monitor COVID-19 developments and maintain continual communication with the Governor Ducey’s office, the Arizona Department of Health Services, and others.” Bowers concluded, “Should an urgent need arise necessitating further legislative action prior to the conclusion of our planned period of self-isolation, the House stands ready to return.”

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