The Democrats Just Reminded Us Why We Need President Trump

President Donald Trump [Photo courtesy the White House]

The most recent Democratic debate showed exactly why we need President Trump in the White House.

During a debate that of course had the Chinese coronavirus pandemic lurking behind the scenes, Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders said that if they were president, they would make sure illegal immigrants with COVID-19 can be treated by doctors and hospitals in the United States without being reported to federal immigration authorities.

This politically correct mentality — which also has them calling for reduced enforcement of immigration laws at the border — would put countless American lives in danger.

Both Sanders and Biden want to reverse President Trump’s effective border security policies, including the border wall, effectively rolling out the welcome mat for massive numbers of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America. The emergence of a new pandemic serves as a reminder of why this approach is so reckless.

More dangerous than the threat of the novel virus itself has been the backlog it causes in hospitals, which prevents otherwise treatable coronavirus cases from being managed in a timely manner. With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increasing rapidly, experts are worried about what could happen when the number of sick people overwhelms the capacity of the nation’s health care providers.

Even in these early stages, states such as Arizona are already experiencing backlogs of patients coming in for coronavirus testing. By their clandestine nature, illegal immigrants are unexpected additions to the number of people requiring testing and medical care.

Even with President Trump strongly enforcing our immigration laws, more than 30,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the Southwest border last month alone. While that’s only about half as many as last February, thanks to the President’s strong border security measures deterring would-be border crossers, it would still be a huge number of people to absorb under the Democrats’ open borders policies. During a crisis such as the one we’re experiencing today, these people would mean exponentially higher epidemiological risk, higher backlogs at hospitals, and a higher burden on taxpayers. Arizona, while it has fewer illegal immigrants than before the Trump presidency, is still a border state, meaning we would be the first to be hit by the surge of illegal immigration that would accompany a new Democrat administration.

An epidemic such as the novel coronavirus provides sobering perspective on what happens when politicians allow illegal aliens open access to our country and access to the health system alongside citizens and legal residents. In Italy for instance, where healthcare is free and nationalized, doctors are being forced to decide which patients to keep alive and which to allow to die. If American doctors are ever forced to make similar triage decisions, citizens shouldn’t have to compete with illegal immigrants for scarce beds in America’s hospitals.

That possibility doesn’t seem to have occurred to the Democrat presidential candidates, who don’t want to risk alienating the support of far-left activists who clamor for completely open borders.

The coronavirus pandemic should remind every American of why it’s so important to keep the open-borders Democrats from implementing their reckless agenda. There’s never been a better time to have Donald J. Trump in the White House.

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