Acting DHS Secretary Wolf Tours Arizona Border

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wold arrives in Nogales to review new border wall construction. [Photo via Twitter]

NOGALES – On Tuesday, acting secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf visited Nogales and Tucson to review the new construction of a border wall. Wolf’s tour included the Mariposa commercial port of entry and the Nogales Border Patrol station.

Wolf took an helicopter tour of the border wall with Tucson Sector Chief Roy Villareal.

Later, at a press conference in Tucson, Wolf explained the primary reason of his trip, “Really the main reason for the trip today and the trip tomorrow is to talk to the men and women of Border Patrol and CBP,” said Wolf. “They’re on the front lines every day and I wanted to show support for them, for their mission, and what they’re doing. It’s critically important I think not only for CBP but also just the DHS frontline workforce. We have a lot of folks that cannot telework, cannot stay at home cannot do the social distancing that we’re encouraging all Americans to continue to do. They have to do their frontline mission every day. I think it’s important that senior leadership of the Department get out see what they’re doing. See what their concerns are. See how they’re operating in the COVID environment.”

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