Romero Extends Tucson’s Emergency Declaration



TUCSON – Tucson Mayor Regina Romero announced on Friday that she had signed a proclamation keeping the city’s buildings closed through June 8. Romero emphasized that the proclamation was amended to align with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s latest executive order.

Romero then stated that Tucson’s proclamation included rules set forth by Pima County. She tweeted it is Tucson and Pima County that should make all “decisions relating to the reopening of our economies and getting people back to work while continuing to protect lives, as expressly recognized by the CDC reopening guidelines.”

However, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry modified the County’s latest resolution on Friday due to the fact that several state legislators called on the Arizona Attorney General’s Office to investigate whether or not the new rules violated Arizona’s constitution. The legislators noted that the County’s rules were far more stringent the those imposed by the governor and therefore may violate Arizona law.

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Last week, City of Tucson leaders paid tribute to first responders. City Councilman Steve Kozachik performed a Taylor Swift ballad in his tribute to health care workers.

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