Phoenix Mayor Accused Of Making “False and Misleading” Claims About COVID-19 Testing In Arizona

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego joins Chris Cuomo on CNN

PHOENIX – Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego is being criticized for recent statements she made that some allege are “false and misleading” about the COVID-19 health situation in Arizona. Gallego’s fellow City Council member Sal DiCiccio has charged that Gallego’s claims are part of a fight she is waging against the Trump administration.

The seemingly partisan attack caught the attention of physician and Chair of the AZGOP, Dr.Kelli Ward as well. “It is irresponsible and dangerous for Mayor Gallego to be spreading lies and misinformation during a public health crisis, and Phoenix residents deserve better,” said Ward in a tweet. “Maybe she should spend less time booking national TV interviews for herself and more time getting the facts straight.”

According to her critics, Gallego inaccurately asserted on cable news that Arizona “medical professionals don’t have the resources they need” and that they are “being asked to make difficult decisions” to decide “who lives and who dies.”

In fact, “health care officials say they are not to the point where they will need to move into crisis care mode,” according to the Arizona Republic. Banner Health say they “have adequate beds, staffing, equipment, supplies and medications at this time.”

Ward noted in a tweet that Gallego even caught the attention of Admiral Brett P. Giroir, Assistant Secretary for Health:

Primarily at issue is Gallego’s recent appearances on national new programs in which she has claimed that not enough testing is being done.

Well over 800,00 tests have been conducted in Arizona since March.

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