Democrats And Administrator Huckelberry Are Playing In The Pima County Republican Primary

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It has taken two terms and many hard fought battles to help drive Pima County back in the right direction.  I exposed crony deals such as taxpayer funded World View, the American Airlines bailout, the Golden Pins bowling alley purchase,  as well as the more than $400 thousand per year compensation package for County administrator Chuck Huckelberry.  I also held   the first budget hearings in 2013, after years of board members simply rubber stamping whatever Chuck Huckelberry served up.   We now have an opportunity to elect Steve Spain who will continue this fight on our behalf and here is why this election is so important.

Democrats and Administrator Huckelberry are playing in the District 1 Republican primary.

Rhonda Pina brags about her record of “reaching across the aisle” and “working with the other side.”   We all know how that works.  Democrats will not compromise and it is clear Pina is a friend of the democrats and the crony dealmakers.   I want  to remind you that the roads fell apart for more than 25 years while the republicans on the board of supervisors were “working across the aisle.”

During her term on the Oro Valley town council, Rhonda Pina has done nothing to stop the hemorrhaging   of money on a crony golf course deal that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars.   Most appalling is her record of campaign support for democrats running against republicans.    She has contributed   money to numerous Democrat campaigns, including Jonathan Rothschild,   Richard Elias, and Ramon Valadez.  She also worked as campaign treasurer for Supervisor Ramon Valadez to assist in defeating republicans.  Make no mistake…Rhonda Pina will work across the aisle with the democrats to increase taxes.

You will notice that Ms. Pina often uses terms such as “Revenue enhancements’ in her talking points.    Translation:  Pina will support Tax increases.  She also has the distinction of being one of the few candidates to receive campaign donations from Chuck Huckelberry for her Oro Valley council campaign. These are just a few examples of Pina’s democrat support and we all know she will work  reach across the aisle on behalf of the special interests.

Pina has now sent out a mailer promising not to pass a sales tax. Apparently her message wasn’t what voters wanted to hear!   It takes more than an “R” after your name to be a republican. We need fighters…not appeasers!  A county   sales tax requires a unanimous vote of all five supervisors to pass.  I have been   the lone holdout against a county sales tax  for  8 years.   Steve Spain will be the “no” vote on a county sales tax.

You may have seen Ms. Pina’s recent mailer in which she showcases   Bill  Assenmacher as one of her most important endorsements.  This is the same Bill Assenmacher who supported John Winchester in the 2016 election and paid for an  ad against me because he knew I wouldn’t betray the taxpayers and support crony deals.    Let’s not forget that Assenmacher was a vocal supporter of the World View deal and also one of the architects of the American Airlines bailout deal that he dumped on the backs of Pima County taxpayers once the revenues promised to American airlines weren’t met.  When the going got tough….he dumped it on taxpayers.

I encourage you to go to visit   Steve’s website  to learn more at or  call   Steve directly at 520-305-9469 to get your questions answered .  My  vote is for Steve Spain because he is the only candidate with the leadership skills who can stand up to the pressure from the special interests.  He is the only candidate who will deliver what he promised. .  I endorsed Steve because Steve Spain is the only candidate I trust to stand up to the democrats!

**Supervisor Ally Miller District 1,   was elected in 2012 and will be retiring  December 31, 2020.



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Supervisor Ally Miller began serving her 2nd term as the Pima County District 1 Supervisor in January 2017. Miller was first elected in November 2012, and has strives to share important information with the residents of the county through the newspapers, social media, and policy focused public gatherings.