COVID-19 Retest Shows Some UofA Students Had False Positives

Arizona Athletics reported 13 positives for student-athletes, only 2 were confirmed

COVID -19, commonly known as coronavirus [Slide courtesy CDC]

TUCSON — Last week, the University of Arizona Athletics Department spread fear far and wide when it reported a single-day high of positive COVID-19 test results for student-athletes. As it turns out, most of the results were actually false positives.

After realizing that the contact history reports of testing subjects did not support the positive test results,the medical director for Arizona Athletics requested additional testing of the samples.

According to the University, on Sept. 3, Arizona Athletics reported 13 positives for student-athletes. Upon rerun of those tests, only two athletes were found to have positive results.

In addition, 12 positive tests of non-athletes collected at Campus Health were rerun, and only eight remained positive.

The student-athletes and athletics staff have been notified of the error.


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