Are “Clean Elections” Really Clean?

Senator Andrea Dalessandro advises voters to break the law by contributing money before the date allowed by law.

Candidates for state offices in Arizona have the option to file to run using clean elections funding. There are rules associated with running as a clean election candidate, but what happens if a candidate breaks the rules?

On July 13, 2019, roughly two weeks before candidates are permitted to collect clean elections donations, candidate and current State Senator Andrea Dalessandro is heard telling a meeting of fellow Democrats “Those of you who have given to me the $5, on August 1st you will be getting a form that is three quarters filled out…” on a video posted on YouTube on July 14, 2019:

Why delay the delivery of receipts? Because candidates are not supposed to collect Clean Elections contributions prior to August 1, 2019. She has frequently started off strong with collecting $5 donations for several election cycles – is this something that she has done for more than this election cycle?

What happens when a candidate does not follow the clean elections rules? So far, nothing… Are you surprised?

From Arizona Clean Elections:

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