Police Find Nearly 100 Dogs Dead And Alive In Casa Grande Home

90 dogs were found inside the approximate 700 square foot residence. [Photo courtesy Casa Grande Police Department]

Casa Grande residents, Michael Anthony Mills and Lila Kaye Crawford, are facing dozens of charges of animal cruelty after the discovery by Casa Grande police officers of nearly 100 dogs on their property.

On Saturday, September 19, 2020, the Casa Grande Police Department responded to a residence in the 100 block of West Viola Street for a “citizen requested civil-standby.” Upon arrival, officers contacted residents Mills and Crawford to discuss the situation.

During this conversation, officers discovered 6 dead dogs wrapped in towels and shirts on the hood of a car. Officers immediately contacted Animal Control Officers, who responded to the scene to aid the investigation.

Officers discovered another deceased dog in the dumpster behind the residence and the skeletal remains of another dog just outside of the residence. Ms. Crawford stated to Officers she had approximately 20 more dogs inside of the residence. Upon further investigation, an additional 90 dogs were found inside the approximate 700 square foot residence.

Crawford voluntarily relinquished all the dogs, which were taken into custody by Animal Control Officers and transported to the City of Casa Grande Animal Care and Adoption Center for evaluation. All dogs were documented, photographed, and evaluated by a veterinarian.

Approximately 28 of the dogs were in decent health, with the rest suffering from dehydration, hair loss, skin sores, and puncture/bite wounds. All dogs were heavily covered in feces. The dogs have been fed, watered, and bathed.

The 59 year-old Mills and the 49 year-old Crawford are facing the following charges:

59 counts of Animal Cruelty – Neglect/Abandonment
59 counts of Animal Cruelty – Failure to Provide Medical Treatment
59 counts of Animal Cruelty – Infliction of Physical Injury
59 counts of Animal Cruelty – Reckless Cruel Mistreatment.
8 counts of Animal Cruelty – Neglect Resulting in Serious Physical Injury
8 counts of Animal Cruelty – Intentional Cruel Mistreatment

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