Eloy Fire Crews Rescue Paratrooper Caught On Power Lines

Eloy Fire District personnel rescue paratrooper. [Photos courtesy Eloy Fire Department]

ARIZONA CITY — Eloy Fire District personnel rescued a paratrooper who had become entangled in power lines in Arizona City on Friday.

The Eloy Fire District said on Facebook that “a bizarre situation unfolded south of Arizona City, as a paratrooper became entangled on large power lines.”

Crews formulated a plan to “contend with not only patient care issues, but also with a massive electrical hazard. Because of the danger, crews unfortunately had to proceed with caution before they could rescue the patient. However, after very close communication with the Department of Energy, ED4, and SRP, a coordinated rescue effort was launched,” according to the Facebook post. “Crews accessed the patient, but then had to carefully disentangle him, as a quick release would have caused a slingshot effect on the power lines already under tension. The rescue was successful, and the patient was flown to a level-one trauma center for evaluation.”

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