VIDEO: Bagdad Man “Remorseful” After Reckless Driving Tosses Teen From Truck

BAGDAD, AZ – On April 30, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office personnel arrested and charged 38-year-old Quintin Causey of Bagdad with Reckless Driving and Endangerment after he drove recklessly with several teens in the bed of his truck.

The incident originally occurred on April 24, at around 8 pm. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) received a tip and video of the incident which showed Causey making a high-speed run, striking an embankment causing the truck to go air born.

There were several teens riding in the bed of the truck. One of those teens was a 14-year-old who launched over the cab and as the truck landed, his head struck the cab causing him to black out. When he woke up, Causey was doing donuts in the soccer field. The teen suffered a concussion and had a severe cut, which required stitches. The teen is expected to fully recover.

The investigation revealed that on multiple occasion that evening, Causey had driven his truck at high speed over an embankment with several juveniles in the truck bed.

“People need to understand that human life is so fragile and fleeting. Mr. Causey’s actions were dangerous and irresponsible and the teens who were in the bed of his truck are lucky to be alive,” said Sheriff David Rhodes. “We are so thankful for the person who called us and turned in video of the incident so we could hold him accountable.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Causey was interviewed and “cooperative and expressed remorse for his actions.”

He was released by a judge with a promise to appear at his next hearing.

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