AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers Joins QAnon Attacks On Kyle Rittenhouse, Alleging Communist Ties

Wendy Rogers

Fresh off of his acquittal on all charges, Kyle Rittenhouse recently gave a long interview to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, detailing the entire experience and its impact on himself and his family.  The interview received both high ratings and positive reviews, but Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers took exception to Rittenhouse’s criticisms of Lin Wood and John Pierce, two of his original attorneys, whom Rittenhouse blasted for leaving him in jail for 87 days while they raised money for their own benefit instead of his defense.

Wood is well known in GOP circles after his 2020 media crusade on behalf of President Trump when he made a number of strange claims, including that Trump won the election with 70% of the vote, that Georgia Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger worked with the Chinese government to steal the election for Biden, that Vice President Mike Pence would face execution by firing squad for treason, and that Jeffrey Epstein was still alive.  He also lost a host of election related lawsuits and was sanctioned for his role in some of them.

Rittenhouse’s interview with Carlson and a follow up with NewsNation triggered numerous attacks from QAnon followers who claim that Rittenhouse is a psychological op and a false flag op being run by enemies of the country.  Perhaps the highest profile attack came from Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, who tweeted “Who told Kyle (whom I like and support) to say that about Lin Wood? Then the pile on afterwards. Any Communist operatives in his inner circle or advising him? Sounds like a #DeepState ambush to me. Something very fishy going on.”

“Count on Wendy Rogers to put QAnon garbage ahead of a hero like Kyle Rittenhouse,” said one Northern Arizona activist, “But she’ll probably send out pro-Rittenhouse stuff to her email list just to raise money.  Honestly, there just isn’t anything she won’t say or do if she thinks it will get her money or attention, and outside of Donald Trump and her QAnon base, there isn’t anyone she wouldn’t attack or trash.”

Another political observer suggested Rogers was just protecting her Q-base should she decide to join the GOP primary for Congress.  “Remember she’s got not just Eli Crane and Walt Blackman to deal with, she’s got Ron Watkins who is already off and running, so throwing Rittenhouse under the bus to keep up with Watkins would be very much in Rogers’ style.”

For his part, Rittenhouse isn’t pulling any punches with it comes to Woods in particular, blaming him for nearly three months in jail, telling NewsNation that Wood said “We’re going to keep that boy in jail because there’s not gonna be any… civil or criminal cases come the election,” which Rittenhouse said was “…just completely insane.”

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