Yuma Sector CBP AMP Respond To ATV Accident In Imperial Sand Dunes

BORSTAR in the Imperial Sand Dunes attending to ATV accident victim [Photo courtesy CBP]

CBP’s Border Patrol and Air and Marine agents working near the Imperial San Dunes, responded to an All-Terrain vehicle accident last week.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management personnel notified Yuma Border Patrol Sector dispatch of a serious single vehicle ATV accident, resulting in serious injuries to the individual. Officials requested Border Patrol assistance near the Buttercup campground, in the Imperial Sand Dunes, west of Winterhaven, Calif. Yuma Sector Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue Team (BORSTAR) agents working nearby responded, but due to the remote location atop a large dune, an EC-120 aircraft from CBP Air and Marine Operation’s Yuma Air Branch was asked to airlift personnel to the crash site. Once BORSTAR team members arrived & triaged the patient, a Reach Medical Transport helicopter was dispatched to remove the accident victim and travel to a nearby Trauma Center for further treatment.

Yuma Sector Chief Chris Clem applauded the efforts of BORSTAR members who responded. “Our personnel are called upon regularly.” He added, “The training they (agents) receive makes them a valuable resource in addressing a variety of situations such as this accident. The public doesn’t realize the job of a Border Patrol agent involves humanitarian duties as well as that of enforcement.”

Yuma Air Branch Director James Schuetzler addressed the cooperative works done with Border Patrol. “Our personnel work regularly to assist Border Patrol with a variety of taskings.” He concluded, “While most missions involve assisting personnel on the ground with interdiction, they also aid in a variety of rescue efforts each year.”

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