Failed Ammunition Smugglers Sentenced To Prison


A Phoenix man, Mauricio Robles, was sentenced this week to 37 months in prison for attempting to smuggle ammunition from the United States into Mexico.

The court previously sentenced Robles’ co-defendant, Arlando Torres, age 36, of Texas, to 70 months in prison on September 30, 2021.

On May 4, 2020, Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle Torres was driving. Robles, age 26, was the sole passenger and the owner of the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, DPS troopers found almost 6,000 rounds of ammunition and thirty ammunition magazines.

Torres and Robles intended to provide the ammunition to other individuals who would then smuggle the ammunition from the United States into Mexico on behalf of a criminal organization, in exchange for payment.

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