Townsend Bills Could Make Significant Difference For Arizonans

townsend senate

True to her reputation as a fearless fighter, Senator Kelly Townsend has recently introduced several bills dealing with subjects that are controversial and, if enacted, will make a significant difference in the lives of Arizona citizens.

Under the current rules, Arizona legislators may introduce bills, on a pre-filed basis, beginning in mid-November, even though the legislature will not convene officially until early January.

As of the time of this writing, 32 such bills have been introduced. Of those, 7 were introduced by Sen. Townsend in the last few days.

Because of the importance and potentially controversial nature of these bills, we at AZ Peoples Lobbyists will be watching them closely and encouraging citizen support.

Here is a brief summary of these bills:

SB1011 school board associations; membership; payment

Even under the best of circumstances, we the people of Arizona have no business allowing tax dollars to be used to pay for memberships in school board associations. Recent reprehensible behavior by some of these associations make it imperative that no taxpayer money be used to support them.

SB1012 registration database; federal voters; report

SB1013 secretary of state; federal form

Both SB1012 and SB1013 will be repealing language that was enacted via the budget reconciliation process, and placing that language in these two stand-alone bills. This undoubtedly is in response to recent challenges to the practice of including such language within budget reconciliation bills.

SB1014 ambulance services; rural areas

It is no secret that folks who live in rural areas face greater challenges to medical facility access than do folks in metro areas. This bill will increase emergency transportation availability in rural Arizona.

SB1015 medical records; minors; parent access

Recent actions by some governmental units, under the guise of response to the pandemic, make it imperative that the parents bill of rights, contained in ARS 1-602 be substantially strengthened. SB1015 is a good move in that direction.

SB1016 pharmacies; off-label use; refusal prohibition

This bill will prohibit the refusal of some pharmacies to fill prescriptions for off-label drugs, as long as they conform with the provisions of ARS 32-1997. We must not allow this behavior, whether it is caused by political preferences, or intimidation by government officials or pharmaceutical giants.

SCR1005 federal ballot voters; identification

This bill will enhance the identification requirements for voters using the federal ballot. If approved by both chambers of the legislature, this bill will go to the voters for an up or down vote.


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