Schools Must Focus On Academics And Stop Sexualizing Children

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Once again, for the “record,” allow me to state my stance clearly and concisely. There is NO kind of sexual activity – heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, any SEXUAL  ̶  that is “safe” for emotionally immature school-aged children – male or female – even those who have reached that miraculous, chronological “age of majority” – 18 years old. Nor is it my business how consenting adults choose to privately express their sexual beliefs and inclinations unless it crosses the line into abusing children or stealing their innocence with public sexual exhibitions or desensitizing and sexualizing children; deluding them that they too should and can be safely, sexually activity.

That being said, it brings us to the most recent “news” from the debacle which has become Scottsdale Unified School District.

Earlier this year GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) awarded Cocopah Middle School in SUSD the Sean Nonnenmacher GSA of the Year Award. Cocopah was the “first middle school GSA created in their district” three years ago.

For those of you who may not be aware, according to GLSEN, a GSA is a Gender and Sexuality Association i.e. a student “club” on middle and high school campuses (and possible elementary in a K-8 school??), often deceptively referred to as a “Gay Straight Alliance,” in which students can participate without their parents knowledge or consent.

Cocopah’s GSA “club” organizer and advisor, Ms. Laynee Langner, states she got the idea for a LGBTQ GSA from attending a GLSEN Summit (I can’t help but wonder if that was on the taxpayers’ dime and did she receive “professional development” credit? But I digress.) because “middle school is soooo hard.” Do people like her ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons middle school is “hard” is because of likeminded people who have been sexualizing children and destroying their innocence with adult issues?

Langner states her principal was “incredibly supportive” of the idea (In fact, Principal Nick Noonan was so supportive that in March, 2021 he mandated every teacher at the school participate in GLSEN “professional development.” But again I digress) and they wanted to make certain they had their “ducks in a row.” Exactly what row do the ducks need to be in to sexualize children Ms. Langner?

Did she bother to determine how receptive parents would be of having their children impacted by such a club whether or not they participate? Was it brought before the school’s Site Council? One can only wonder what kind of conversations Langner had been having with students prior in order to know which to reach out to in creating the club.

Keep in mind, as stated, Cocopah is a grades 6-8 middle school, meaning its students are most likely prepubescent or recently pubescent 11, 12 and 13 year olds. These are the students who the teachers and administrators believe need to be sexualized – 11, 12 and 13 year old children! Not to mention how GLSEN’s GSAs divides and alienates students who don’t agree to the agenda.

One might wonder if these children physical and emotional well-being might be better served by an abstinence club. Sadly, it is not likely as 66% (WebMD) of U.S. schools provide students information to “prepare” them to be sexually active with Sex Ed standards, curricula and programs written and promoted by organizations such as Planned Parenthood, GLSEN and SIECUS and their ilk literally redefining abstinence.

From the Planned Parenthood website: “For other people, abstinence only means not having vaginal sex, but other sexual activities are allowed. You can decide what abstinence means to you.”

Even WebMD seems to accept the redefinition. From the WebMD website: “The official definition of abstinence includes not taking part in vaginal, anal, and oral sex. However, some people practice abstinence by only skipping one or two of those types of sexual activity.”

If only schools/districts such as Cocopah and Scottsdale USD would put as much interest and concern into academics as they do radical agendas. According to the last test results made available by the state of Cocopah 6th graders 27% were failing English Language Arts and 29% were failing Math. By 8th grade 37% were failing ELA and a staggering 49% were failing Math. The longer students stay in Cocopah the worse is their mastery of essential academics but yet a priority is finding ways to sexualize these children.

Not that Cocopah is an anomaly, in virtually every school and district around our state and around the nation educrats seem far more interested and willing to expend taxpayer dollars on Comprehensive Sex Ed, Critical Race Theory of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Emotional “Learning” programs than in English, Math, History or Science curricula. Although now a days most of those core courses are infused with CSE, CRT, DEI and SEL.

As reprehensible as I find all the above what I find absolutely outrageously horrifying is the pride that Langner takes in helping to facilitate a districtwide change to allow students to replace their legal names or “deadnames” with their new “chosen names” on their school IDs (although I was unable to find such language delineating the official district policy for student IDs or name changes).

According to – Pop Culture Dictionary “Deadname joins two words, dead and name, indicating that a given name no longer has any use or meaning—that is, it’s dead to its bearer.”

Let that sink in – the names that parents gave THEIR CHILDREN at birth Langner gleefully and disrespectfully calls “deadnames.”  She is so proud of her efforts that will, in most cases, help drive a wedge between parents and their children that it is “bringing tears” to her eyes.

I commend Rep. Kavanaugh on his bill, HB2011, requiring parental permission for participation and requiring schools to provide information – bylaws, rules, etc. – about school groups or clubs involving sexuality, gender or sexual identity.

It is a good start but we need to do more. Under no circumstances should a government employee – teacher, administrator, counselor, social worker – legally be permitted to encourage or enable a child to do anything, such as changing their legal name on any school record, without their parent’s knowledge and consent.

In this case of Cocopah Middle School’s GLSEN GSA “club” these are 11, 12 and 13 year old children. I’ve stated it earlier and will continue to do so again and again – there is no such thing as “safe sex” for children. I don’t care whether it is in a park or a shopping mall or under the guise of “public education” people who sexualize minor children should be put in jail not given awards.

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