Open App Markets Act Needed


I was happy to hear that Congress will be doing a mark-up of the Open App Markets Act later this month. This legislation is well needed and, quite frankly, overdue. The problem of Apple and Google’s methods used to control their app stores is quite unfair to the small and medium sized app developers, and is hindering innovation in the marketplace, as well as raising prices to us, the consumers.

Currently, Apple and Google act in extremely monopolistic ways, promoting their apps first, at the detriment of the small and medium app developers. They also require the developers to use Apple and Google for all in-app purchases, at a cost of 30% of the transaction. This is often passed directly onto the consumer, raising prices for us all. The courts have found themselves virtually powerless to correct the inequities. We need to pass a bill, such as the Open App Markets Act, that will fix these problems.

We have tried it at the State level but were unsuccessful. I hope our delegation will support this much needed bill as it moves forward. It is just good policy that will have long-lasting and positive effects.

Kendall Parker