Station Refuses To Air Taylor Robson Campaign Ad On Border Security

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It seems as if all Republican candidates have filmed ads or interviews on the U.S./Mexico border, some like Taylor Robson have been interrupted by the uninterrupted flow of migrants.

A candidate in Arizona’s Republican primary race for Governor, Karrin Taylor Robson, is crying foul after her campaign was notified by a cable station that it will not air one of her ads. The “Broken Border,” was rejected by FS1 – a sports cable station owned by FOX Sports Media Group.

Robson’s “Broken Border” 30-second ad features footage of Taylor Robson at the border in Yuma as an alleged busload of illegal immigrants crossed into the United States.

The ad has been airing on cable and broadcast stations across Arizona since mid-January.

Taylor Robson says the station is “applying a double-standard to which other candidates are not subject.”

According to the Karrin for Arizona campaign, FS1 refuses to air the ad and is demanding that the campaign provide an affidavit swearing that the ad was filmed along the border, as well as proof of the citizenship status of any individuals depicted as an illegal alien.

The move by the station, according to media experts, does seem unusual given that earlier this election cycle, retired Major General Mick McGuire, a U.S. Senate candidate, was shooting a television interview with a Yuma news station along the border, when filming was interrupted by a migrant from Cuba who had just entered the country illegally.

With hundreds of people crossing the border illegally every day, say experts, it would be nearly impossible to find a camera angle that wouldn’t catch an image of an illegal crosser.

“Who does FS1 think it’s kidding? The station expects Arizonans to believe individuals that our cameras captured crossing the border nowhere near a legal port of entry, and being taken into custody by Border Patrol, may have been American citizens? This is nuts,” said Taylor Robson in a press release.

“This arbitrary decision by FS1 to block our campaign ad is reminiscent of the suppression of conservative voices in the weeks and months before the 2020 General Election. Recall that Big Tech and the mainstream media collaborated on a blackout of any coverage about Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop, which kept revelations about his corrupt business dealings with foreign entities, and possible ties to his father, from coming to light before voters cast ballots.

It’s also worth noting President Trump was removed from most social media networks, while representatives of the Taliban and other extremist organizations continue to be hosted,” argued Taylor Robson.

“FS1 is really doing Robson a favor,” said one Arizona politico, “because she’ll get more mileage out of playing up being a target of the media than she would have showing the ad on FS1, and it won’t cost her a dime!”

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