Anytown CRT-Based “Leadership Camp” Begins

In July 2021, students participating in the CRT-based Anytown exercise testing their privilege.

Under the guise of a way to earn leadership service hours, teenagers from over 42 Arizona high schools converged on the Mingus Mountain Camp & Retreat in Prescott Valley for a week of social justice and sexual indoctrination. Anytown USA’s Leadership Camp has been dubbed the “anti-racist camp Republicans can’t ban” where they push their anti-racism curriculum that they can’t get by with in the school classroom.

The previously nonpolitical organization sprang up in the last century in response to anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic nationalism and was dedicated to “fighting bias, bigotry and racism in America.” Now, parents and educators say it appears to be nothing more than a decidedly partisan social justice warrior training program.

The camp came to the attention of parents after it was reported in the Arizona Daily Independent that Anytown USA’s curriculum and “leadership training” would be adopted in whole or part by high schools in the Scottsdale Unified School District.

Anytown describes its camp, which started June 12th and runs through to June 18th, as their “flagship diversity, leadership and social-justice program.”

According to the organization’s website, the camp is for students in the “9th, 10th, or 11th grade, in high school and “should be physically and emotionally capable of participating in an intense program that challenges them to discuss their experiences with, and attitudes about, human relations and social justice issues.”

At the camp students will engage in interactive workshops, discussions and games exploring topics like prejudice, discrimination and bias.

“Why do our schools insist on promoting extracurricular activities and summer camps that focus on our children’s identities instead of developing their shared interests?” asked Amy Carney, mother of 6 and candidate for Scottsdale Unified School Board. “Parents used to send their kids to sleepaway camps to wade in the creek, catch a fish or ride a horse. Now parents are trusting their school leadership and sending their minor children to the mountains to instead participate in privilege walks and sexuality orientation curriculum disguised as leadership training.”

“The leadership in Scottsdale Unified School District has failed the students and families of our community. Social workers, counselors and a librarian using district resources and school time creating sexuality and grooming curriculum, is inappropriate and designed to divide and rob our children of their innocence,” said Carine Werner, a Scottsdale Unified mother of 3 and candidate for the Board.

“Herman’s head skit, referenced in the email between four Scottsdale Unified School District employees found in a public records request and published by the Arizona Daily Independent on June 10, promotes division in family units and plants the idea of suicide as a way out. The current Board and leadership appears to be unaware or unwilling to see what is being promoted and pushed on our vulnerable kids and this must stop,” argued Werner. “These camps have no business being in or promoted by our school.”

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“Our children deserve to go to school to learn reading, writing, math etc. and have the opportunity to thrive – free from adults planting divisive, sexualized ideations into their minds,” concluded Werner.

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  1. This organization is disgusting! If my children came home from school and told me they were being taught this crap, I would pull them out of the school and begin a public information campaign to change the school leadership IMMEDIATELY!

  2. Hey scottsdale parents you need to remind the school board who hired them and that they can be sent packing if they have forgotten. School boards are to set curriculum matters in conjunction with parental/state desires. Administrators/supervisors are there to implement policies, something these folks forget. So you need to become active and get rid of the ones who think they know best as they are hurting your kids to advance their agenda.

  3. My child was sent this camp as an opportunity for him. I messaged his counselor, the principal, and the superintendent about the camp. They stated that it was not something sponsored by the district, that they just pass information along as they do with other camps. Funny thing is that no other camp was sent to us as something that my child would benefit from.

  4. Yes, indoctrination is most effective when you start young, before they know anything.

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