Scottsdale Unified’s Support Services Revealed To Push Gender Identity On Student


On the heels of learning that the Scottsdale Unified School District’s Unitown “Leadership” Club is pushing sexualized conversations on students, parents must now question the district’s Support Services department after parents have uncovered an SUSD Support Services newsletter from February 2021 that openly promotes the Gender Unicorn and additional gender-affirming services and events. The newsletter is available on SUSD’s website with open access to all students.

SUSD describes their Support Services department goals as being “committed to supporting the educational achievement of all children.  Each department within Support Services is designed to assist in creating a positive learning environment conducive to safe and academic growth, social and emotional development.”

However, the district’s newsletter promotes “diversity” and LBGTQ+ activities offered by SafeOutAZ and One-n-Ten, a controversial organization that promotes Drag Queen story hours for youth as young as 14, name change clinics to assist minors as young as 12 and binder finder events.  The organization recently made the news when Republican Maricopa County Attorney candidate Gina Godbehere came under fire for recommending the organization to youth as part of her February 1, 2022, Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life conference which pushes diversity and equity concepts.

A One-n-Ten calendar of events included in the SUSD newsletter reveals that the district promoted a discussion titled “SexFYI! Intimacy Without Sex & How Do I know if I Am Ready to Have Sex?” that was available for 14–17-year-olds. The listing boldly proclaims: “Parent permission form NOT required.”

Just below the event calendar, a large graphic of the Gender Unicorn asks children to consider who they are sexually attracted to: men, women or “other genders.” Page two of the newsletter then wraps up with promotion of SafeOut AZ, a program that claims to be funded by the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Families. Social media posts reveal that the organization promotes drag to youoth and encourages exploring gender identity.

The SUSD Support Services newsletter also offers “diverse” community resources including Inclusive Therapists. SUSD’s description of this organization says that it is “a mental health community that commits to and practices advancing justice & equitycelebrating all identities and … dismantling systemic oppression & white supremacy in mental healthcare.” Their website confirms that the organization offers gender-affirming care.

Scottsdale Unified has had a year filled with controversy surrounding it’s attempts to hide gender ideology in what it calls “student-led” clubs, the revelation that staff was discussing gender fluidity with 6-year-old students and the discovery that Michelle Schulke, the Genders Sexuality Alliance teacher received a hormone therapy form on her SUSD email.  In response to news of the Identity Hormones form, Libs of TikTok shared the article, tagging Governor Doug Ducey and demanding he take action.

Parents are still waiting for action.

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