Counting Of Arizona Votes Complete, Three Automatic Recounts Required


Maricopa County wrapped up its vote counting on Monday, leaving no more votes left to count in the state. Now counties have until Nov. 28 to canvas their elections and send the results to the Secretary of State’s Office.

There will be automatic recounts in the Attorney General’s race, Superintendent of Public Instruction race, and the Legislative District 13 (LD13) House race. Arizona law was recently changed, requiring automatic recounts if a candidate wins by a margin that is less than or equal to 0.5% of total votes cast.

Democrat Kris Mayes leads Republican Abe Hamadeh in the Attorney General’s race by 511 votes.

Attorney General 

Choice Polling Place Early Ballot Provisional Ballot Total Percent
Mayes, Kris (DEM) 135,796 1,115,558 3,258 1,254,612 50.01%
Hamadeh, Abraham “Abe” (REP) 326,221 922,886 4,995 1,254,102 49.99%

The Superintendent of Public Instruction race between incumbent Kathy Hoffman and victor Tom Horne is also subject to an automatic recount, with only a 0.36% vote margin between the two candidates.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Choice Polling Place Early Ballot Provisional Ballot Total Percent
Horne, Tom (REP) 326,034 924,929 5,014 1,255,977 50.18%
Hoffman, Kathy (DEM) 134,701 1,109,112 3,196 1,247,009 49.82%

Currently, Democrat incumbent Jennifer Pawlik leads in the LD13 race, however, the race between the second and third place candidates, Liz Harris and Julie Willoughby, is subject to an automatic recount due to the fact that they are separated by only 270 votes.

State Representative – District No. 13 

Choice Polling Place Early Ballot Provisional Ballot Total Percent
Pawlik, Jennifer (DEM) 3,982 43,145 39 47,166 35.05%
Harris, Liz (REP) 9,015 34,758 56 43,829 32.57%
Willoughby, Julie (REP) 8,474 35,033 52 43,559 32.37%

Although Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake failed to secure enough votes to force a recount, she vowed on Monday to keep up the fight, presumably referring to a legal challenge due to Maricopa County mismanagement.

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