Zinatt Technologies Seeks Examples Of Above and Beyond Efforts By Law Enforcement

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Members of the law enforcement community across Arizona and the country frequently go above and beyond to serve their communities. And Tucson-based Zinatt Technologies Inc. would like to celebrate some of those efforts.

Zinatt is known for its state-of-the-art Quick Tracking Information System (Qtis) software for use by law enforcement investigators. Company founder and CEO Gabriel Reina is seeking examples how law enforcement agencies and personnel “are making a difference in ways you might not have heard about,” whether on or off duty.

A sampling of those community enhancement efforts will be featured in future issues of The Investigator, Zinatt’s monthly newsletter.

Please forward your suggestions to info@zinatt.com. And don’t forget to stop by and say “hello” to Zinatt representatives at any of the upcoming events:

Florida Sheriff Winter Conference – Jan 22-25
National Sheriff Winter Technology Expo – Feb 4-7
National Narcotics Officer Association – Feb 6-8
Indiana Drug Enforcement Association – Feb 15-17

Zinatt rolled out its first software system in 2016 and since then Qtis has been updated to serve local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Most of those departments and agencies have their own record management system, which is often part of a dispatch center program. Qtis augments those often limited systems by offering an innovative, flexible way for detectives and investigators to track case information, according to Reina.

Click here to begin your free subscription to The Investigator, or to arrange a demonstration of what Qtis can do for your agency, contact Zinatt at 520-838-0346 or via Zinatt’s website here.