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Rash Of Censures Of Republicans Will Make It Difficult To Retain State Legislature Majority

On Wednesday, May 10, on a vote of 46 to 42, 10% of Legislative District 4 Republican Precinct Committeemen adopted a resolution censuring Republican AZ House Speaker Toma and Republican AZ Senate President Petersen.

This drastic action by 46 Precinct Committeemen was because those two Republican legislative leaders failed to commit political suicide by defunding the Governor’s office. Here is the actual text of the resolution:

“Legislative District # 4 of Congressional District # 1 RESOLVES AS FOLLOWS…

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  1. what az ‘rs’ as there really are not any. The party represents a few of the mclame hanger oner’s and mainly represent the east la county and the rinos of the area. Only time ever hear from them is when they are looking for $$, otherwise NEVER. Hard to tell which is which left or right.

  2. I disagree with the premise that these 46 LD-4 Precinct Committeemen who voted to Censure Toma and Petersen are not “malcontent agitators”. The Republican Party is a haven for free spirited, free thinking men and women who when having a difference of opinion are not cowered into submission as practiced by the iron fisted Democrat machine in controlling their flock.

    • Republicans are free to pursue actions that will cause them to lose elections. Then they can experience first-hand the real meaning of the iron-fisted Democrat machine. Not all 46 were malcontent agitators. Many were misinformed.

  3. I think its very possible the GOP will fall into obscurity for a good decade until a new conservative/opposition party gets a foot hold.
    People speculate about which party will die first. Unfortunately it looks like it’ll probably be the GOP.

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