36,000 Taxpayers Earning $3.7 Billion Moved To Arizona In 2022


Arizona continues to benefit economically from more people moving to the state.

Arizona gained a net of 36,841 people, adding $3.7 billion in gross income from those newcomers from tax years 2021 to 2022, based on new Internal Revenue Service data. Data from the IRS is typically delayed and compares filings done between states.

The biggest loser in the equation? The Golden State, as Arizona gained 57,857 people who came from California, compared with 25,677 moving from Arizona to California.

Those who came from California brought in more than double the gross income of those who left. Even though the Golden State has the nation’s highest population, it only recently rebounded from significant population drops it experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Associated Press.

Danny Seiden, President and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, praised the new numbers.

“These numbers reflect Arizona’s growing appeal as a prime destination for individuals seeking economic opportunity and a better quality of life,” Seiden told The Center Square in a statement on Monday. “It’s no surprise that the majority of these newcomers are ditching California in favor of a state that’s known for a welcoming business climate, lower taxes, and a higher quality of life. These migration trends show that our policies are paying off, making Arizona a magnet for talent and investment.”

Arizona is one of the largest gaining states when it comes to population by numeric growth, according to 2022-2023 numbers from the United States Census Bureau. In terms of jobs, local developments in the manufacturing, health care and defense sectors are often touted as some of the biggest drivers of jobs to the state.

When it comes to businesses leaving California, Arizona often finds itself in competition with Texas, which garners many of the relocations, The Center Square reported.


  1. How about some optimism here?
    Could it be these incoming folks actually realize why they moved to AZ, and just maybe their lives are actually better here?
    And regarding water, living space, crime, the border, etc. those are problems we can solve. Water is plentiful if we desalinate the Baja & share with Mexico (who needs it just as badly), we can build into the desert with sensitivity, ditto roadways & new cities, crime we can cure overnight with some political backbone, the border is a DC-construct 100%—so get real about where that solution lies.
    Meanwhile, AZ is becoming an alt-tech super region, and that’s a good thing, the spinoff potential for your kids & grandkids’ futures are very promising.

    Most of you just need to adjust your perspectives, or else move to W.Virgina or Arkansas. It’s way too early to give up on Arizona.

  2. I was born here, decades ago. Arizona is becoming California. The liberals from California keep spreading to Arizona like the cancer they actually are. The once great state of Arizona is no more

  3. The form of government that has a strong foothold in California has allowed the state to be turned into the People’s Republic of California modeled after the Communist government of China. California’s heavy handed government has become too oppressive for these top earners. I doubt they just became aware of that in the weeks before they moved out and into Arizona. I also doubt they would be willing to take responsibility for their roles in facilitating and supporting such a Communist form of governance. A word of advice to these top earners- you will be welcome in Arizona if you want to create jobs. You will be welcomed to Arizona if you treasure the individual’s rights to self determination. But you will be stopped if you intend on turning Arizona into a leftist or globalist form of governance. Communism and all the roads leading to it are not welcome in Arizona.

  4. Arizona is the New California/New York.
    I moved here in 1999 and loved how it was very right wing.
    I have to find a new unapologetically hardcore right wing state.
    RIP Arizona.

  5. Yeah, and most are freakin’ liberals who come bringing their doctrine with them, wanting to turn “Here” into “There” from which they fled.

  6. $We need less people not more. The Chamber of Commerce is corrupt. This article clearly states what I have been saying for decades. This is about $$$$ not the health or well being of native Arizonans or the resources and animals.

    • chamber was neve small business friend
      only for big business – friends and family

  7. We need less people not more. The Chamber of Commerce is corrupt. This article clearly states what I have been saying for decades. This is about $$$$ not the health or well being of native Arizonans or the resources and animals.

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