Act On What You Know, Not What You Don’t

Second Of Two Parts

I wrote in Part I of indisputable, personal truths that clear the mind of the incessant, chaotic messages that comprise our daily fare.

This exercise, if you’ll allow the metaphor, keeps clean a foggy windshield so that advancing is possible with clarity, confidence, speed, and purpose.

PART 1: Hey You, The Quiet One

The objective here: live by the Davy Crocket creed of making sure one is correct, then going ahead. We can’t always be correct, but when we think before we act and anchor ourselves to principles, we know to be true, then our actions will more likely be in line with what is right. Lincoln was accurate in his assertion that “right makes might” and we will need all the might we can muster to defeat the enemies of liberty.

As such, if you haven’t done so, please read Part I and make your own list of that which you know to be true and the principles that underscore them.

Next step is to write down how that which you know will affect your actions.  From my list in Part I, below is how what I know will affect my decision-making and future actions.

I will:

  • Defend the prominent men and women of American history to keep their legacy alive so future generations can learn from them. As the great historian David McCollough wrote, “Our shared history is our greatest national treasure”. These prominent figures need not have been perfect to have been influential and great in their own eras and still significant in our own.
  • Judge others according to the standards of their time.
  • Stand for the National Anthem because of the principles and ideals for which it stands and for those who have sacrificed to promote and preserve the same.
  • Revere and teach the American Creed as found in the Declaration of Independence as often as opportunity presents itself.
  • Fight against arbitrary government and hold all elected officers accountable when they act outside their delegated authority.
  • Add my voice to those who demand that our leaders be held to the same standards they expect of us.
  • Welcome with open arms anyone as friend and ally who will defend the Constitution of the United States and who understands why we find liberty in law.
  • Unabashedly teach, defend, and uphold the Constitution the best ways I know how.
  • Do all l I can to correct false-narratives that attempt to distort and confuse history such as the 1619 Project; or the precepts that we experience current systemic racism; that all cops are bad; defunding the police, good; that the BLM movement, and other anti-American or pro-Marxist ideologies are our future.
  • Teach of the progress America has made and the amazing things that have come about as the result of those achievements.
  • Not support individuals or organizations that promote or buckle to the demands of those who seek to divide and destroy.
  • Show gratitude for the blessings of living in a free land and encourage others to count their blessings as well.
  • Try and seek common ground with adversaries and endeavor to understand their position while not ceding to them unless persuaded.
  • Be truthful, gentle, fearless, and forgiving, as I hope others will be to me.
  • Teach the growth mindset in that we as individuals and nations can and do become better and are not stuck in a never-ending pit of stagnation or decline.
  • Teach that we need to let each other grow and forgive ourselves and others of past transgressions.
  • Teach that we should first identify as children of God, which is the greatest common ground we all have.
  • Teach personal responsibility and tough love knowing that the “Lord loves whom he chastens”.
  • Teach that “yes you can” achieve great things even if you start from having less than zero.
  • Teach that we are stewards of ourselves and ultimately responsible for our own growth and potential.
  • Teach that we should just do the right things and let the results come as they will.
  • Teach what Martin Luther King Jr. taught.
  • Teach that there is meaning to life and that it can be found in self-improvement, serving others and scripture.
  • Reach out and help the poor and needy.
  • Be an active participant in my local community.
  • Encourage others to look at different perspectives.
  • Help others achieve their potential as I work to attain mine.
  • Fight for freedom as we can only achieve our potential and pursue happiness in a free society.
  • Remain peaceful in all that I do unless forced to defend myself and my family from physical harm.
  • Call out evil as I see it without the intent to offend but only with the desire to stop the spread.
  • Work to make alliances that are sure and strong.

I like “to-do” lists.  They help facilitate productivity.

Many of us today, self-included, do not know which way to proceed in all cases. We may not know in ALL cases, but we should know in most because we should know-what we know, believe in it, and then act on it.

Let’s move forward with confidence that we are doing what is right, which gives the strength and stamina to carry on.  We’re going to need it.

Jeff Utsch, of Tucson, AZ, is an instructor at the Leadership and Freedom center in Gettysburg PA and can be heard on iHeart Radio’s Podcast, Constitutional Conversations, with KFYI 550-AM host James T Harris, of The Conservative Circus.



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Jeff Utsch is a Leadership and History Instructor at the Leadership and Freedom Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he teaches leadership lessons learned from the battle and forging trusted teams and leaders. Jeff also teaches professional development and "leading with a purpose" courses to law enforcement and other agencies around the country. He is the Founder of Heirs of the Republic Educational Foundation a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to “Securing the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity.” He previously served as a Director and Ambassador for the Navy SEAL Foundation, where he assisted in establishing an endowment within the Foundation. At the Foundation, Jeff chaired the Development Committee and organized and assisted with benefit galas in Tucson, AZ, Coronado, CA, and Virginia Beach, VA. He also has 27 years’ experience as President and CEO of a small company and 25 years’ experience training U.S. military personnel. Jeff graduated from University of Arizona in 1991 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, where he also served as captain of the Swim Team. During his swimming career, Jeff was a member of the US National Team 1984-87, Top 10 World Rankings 1984-1988, and NCAA All-American in 1988. Using the skills, he developed as an All-American swimmer and Captain of the University of Arizona swim team, Jeff currently serves as an Instructor to the Navy SEALS/Naval Special Warfare community where he teaches Navy SEALS and support personnel specialized tactical swimming. In addition, Jeff has taught Air Force Para Rescue Jumpers, Combat Controllers, Force Recon Marines, Coast Guard MSST, and other military personnel.