Roberts Calls For Attorney General Legal Opinion On Pima County Curfew

Representative Bret Roberts Rejects "Government Mandates That Erode Personal Liberty"

PHOENIX – Representative Bret Roberts is being applauded by Pima County residents and Supervisor Ally Miller for taking the initiative to request a legal opinion from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office on whether a resolution recently passed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors to make a once voluntary curfew mandatory.

Roberts believes the mandatory curfew conflicts with the Governor’s Executive Order (2020-36) issued on May 12, 2020, or any other Executive Order, statute, constitutional provision, or existing law.

“I appreciate Rep. Roberts requesting this opinion on behalf of Pima County residents although based on county administrator Huckelberry’s defiance on the opinion from the Attorney General’s Office issued regarding Pima County employees right to donate to candidates for county offices, I am not sure much will be done to curb Huckelberry’s stranglehold over Pima County business owners.”

“I fully support the personal choices and efforts made by individuals to help curb the public spread of the coronavirus, but I absolutely reject government mandates that erode personal liberty or punish businesses who may already be financially struggling as it is,” Representative Roberts said. “The County’s curfew does just that, all in the name of preventing COVID-19. Of course, the curfew won’t stop the virus, but I believe it does violate individual freedom and stands as a clear case of dangerous government overreach. I’ve sought the Attorney General’s opinion with the intent to bring legal clarity on the matter and to help inform me and other legislators whether legislative action may be needed.”

The resolution, approved by Supervisors in a split 3-2 vote on December 15, 2020, mandates a daily curfew throughout the county between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

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