U of A students harass, curse Border Patrol agents invited to speak on Career Day

student who wanted "safe space" for students throws hate at student for being white

University of Arizona student Denisse Moreno Melchor appears to dislike law enforcement officers and the government.

TUCSON —  Denisse Moreno Melchor, a University of Arizona student, set off a firestorm Wednesday when she livestreamed her hysterical reaction to the presence of two Border Patrol agents who were invited to speak to a group of criminal justice majors.

It was Career Day and the agents were invited by the university’s Criminal Justice Association.  Moreno Melcher, of Glendale, was one of several students involved in a demonstration against the Border Patrol.

Moreno Melchor, listed as a Spanish translation and interpretation major on her Facebook page, disrupted the agents and students while standing just outside the room in which they were meeting.

“I don’t know who allowed the murder patrol,” said Moreno Melchor while filming the agents through the doorway. “They allow murderers to be on campus where I pay to be here. Murderers! On campus. Murderers! On campus.”

She expressed her desire for the university to be free of anyone who might offend a student.

“This is supposed to be a safe space for students but they allow an extension of the KKK into campus. An extension of the KKK into campus!” Moreno Melchor continued, “There are students that pay to be here, pay to be here, that need this to be a safe space for them and we have the KKK and their supporters right here at the U of A.”

When a member of the criminal justice group attempted to diffuse the situation and invite Moreno Melchor in, she responded, “Great, I can sit in the entire time, I’ll just be saying that they’re murderers the entire f—ing time because it’s the truth. They are murderers and you as a club should be more conscious of the rest of the students on this campus.”

Moreno Melchor claimed she did not “feel safe with them here.”

Moreno Melchor then launched into a rant about the “white woman,” referring to the criminal justice student who had invited her to join them.

According to her Twitter feed, Moreno Melchor, the daughter of a Phoenix Valley hairdresser, has disdain for “white people,” “white people who use their LGBTQ+ identities to overstep,” “cops,” “ICE,” and the “government.”

In support of Moreno Melchor, ASUA Student Body President Natalyn Masters, ASUA Executive VP Matthew Rein, and ASUA Administrative VP Kate Rosenstengel signed a letter calling for Border Patrol to stay off campus and demanded that they never return unannounced:

Earlier this week U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) was present at a career fair host at the University of Arizona. Although we recognize their attendance was solely to recruit students to join their workforce, the presence of uniform to USBP agents on our campus, especially without warning was, is, and will always be immensely harmful to our DACA and undocumented community.

As the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, we have an obligation and a responsibility to protect, support and speak out for all Wildcats, including our DACA and undocumented students. Simply put, unannounced visits by the U.S. Border Patrol are unacceptable. The same day USBP agents were present on campus, a Tucson family was arrested and detained by USBP only mere miles from the UA. The concerns students have of USBP presence on campus are real, they are valid, and they need to be heard.

We want to stress the importance of notifying students, especially our DACA and undocumented students, in advance of visits by USBP. It is also necessary to understand the mere presence of USBP on campus creates an environment which negatively impacts our DACA and undocumented community.

Every single UA student, faculty, and staff deserves and has the right to feel safe within our campus community. ASUA will work with the UA Administration as well as the entire campus community to take necessary steps to ensure all Wildcats feel safe and supported on campus. These steps include assessing changes to UA policy and procedures that better support our students.

We want to thank every single student and campus member who has raised their voices for our incredible community of DACA and undocumented Wildcats.

In solidarity,

In an interview on KFYI’s James T. Harris show, Art del Cueto, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council and President of Local 2544 said he “was pretty upset when I saw the video myself. I have learned that these agents were invited to help explain things about the criminal justice system. People need to understand that they were invited there,” said del Cueto with emphasis. “It was an actual invitation and obviously they had this individual – I would say lady, but she didn’t act like much of a lady – and she started yelling at the Border Patrol agents. They’re calling them ‘Murder Patrol’ calling them ‘baby killers.'”

According to del Cueto, Moreno Melchor followed the agents “all the way down the hall to their vehicle. She used some pretty disturbing language; obviously spoken Spanish. She used some very dirty words. She was screaming obscenities. Hats off to the agents though for keeping their cool the entire time, but it’s upsetting because I think that the UofA does not accept this type of behavior. I know they have issues with stalking and harassing students at their facilities, and I think that is exactly what this individual did. She was stalking. She was harassing Border Patrol agents and they did not provoke her in anyway.”

When asked by Harris if DACA students should fear Border Patrol, del Cueto responded, “That is what is the funniest thing. Perhaps if these individuals, who wrote this letter, would have allowed Border Patrol agents to remain there and talk to the class and answer questions – their fears would have subsided. They might have learned something instead of writing an ignorant letter where it says that they fear for the DACA students. Well we can’t arrest the DACA students as agents. We can’t send them back unless obviously they commit some kind of crime other than being here illegally. They are a protected class right now so it is ridiculous.”

“I believe the letter goes on and says that they need to be told when agents are going to be on campus. Well they (agents) were invited there, but listen – I’ll do this – I’m going to be the nice guy and hope that someone from the Student Body can hear me,” continued jokingly. “Going forward, you guys can send me the names of the illegal aliens at the school and their addresses and I will be glad, on behalf of the Border Patrol union, to send them any kind of information when agents are going to be at their school. All they need to send me the name and address and I’ll take care of it myself.”

Later it became apparent that the Student Body does not speak for all UofA students, when del Cueto posted on Facebook a note an agent received from a student:


  1. Her mom must be very proud of her, not sure about the dad. Sad to see these young minds get transformed into the very opposite of what they think is right. She must follow that other nut from ny oca??

  2. “She expressed her desire for the university to be free of anyone who might offend a student.”
    Who decides? What reasons?
    I don’t like you and you should go because:
    You’re [white, black, Asian….]
    You [smell, look plain, are too heavy / skinny, don’t play sports, don’t think the way I do….]
    You’re [not an activity, not wearing the latest fashions, too studious and are actually here to learn…]

  3. Hope that people at the meeting that wanted to hear what BP people wanted to say realise that no amount of appeasement will satisfy the radical ideologues.

  4. I can’t even read this. Her lack of tolerance and incivility makes me want to crawl in a “safe place.” She created a “dangerous place” with her immovable biases. She could have walked away and then those who wanted to discuss a career with BP do so. They’re over the age of 18 too. Somehow, she’s self-appointed herself to be a minder for everyone else. Gross lack of intellectual abilities and compassion for others.

    • “Gross lack of intellectual abilities and compassion for others”

      Yup, well that’s true of everyone who is too willing to stick that finger in your face the first thing. I guess some libtards will regard her as a great throwback to the 60’s, another time when youth stupidity reigned supreme.

  5. Liberals … they want open borders and lotsa free stuff, and they don’t see anything mathematically idiotic about their junior high schoolish thoughts.

    The real question is, how fast are these morons multiplying?

  6. UAPD is also a worthless agency that is nothing more than overglorified school crossing guards acting like police. All they did in this situation is as the BP agents to leave because of the agitated students. Worthless sacks of manure, the UAPD. Try doing some real policing other than frat raids and speed traps.

  7. What is the purpose of posting the student’s school schedule and all of her social media? Did you mean for her to become a target because she has been receiving death threats since the article was posted. Guess BP arent the only murder patrols in AZ . As a newspaper you have the responsibility to protect those people who you cover in your articles but you dont even want to release the name of the author of this piece. This girl is so brave for standing up for her fellow students and community and y’all are effin cowards

    • Wow, another liberal that wouldn’t hesitate to post social media info on a conservative. Its a bitch when the shoe is on the other foot isn’t it. Glad some did it. Perhaps the little b)(*h will learn but I really doubt it. Silly you.

      • Oh, and BTW, liberals don’t hesitate for a minute to post personal info on BP agents or anyone else. Life ain’t fair isn’t it when it happens to a little teacup and people like you that need a safe space, right?

    • I guess acting like a maniac in public has consequences. It attracts other maniacs, for one thing. Birds of a feather.

  8. I get it, if you don’t like Trump’s border policy, etc, etc. But really. This is ridiculous and just p l a i n s t u p i d .

    Calling the BP ‘muderahs’ and “an extension of the KKK”? What reality does she live in? You can have a disdain for the system and you can dislike the immigration policy, but that doesn’t mean you can just go out and disrespect and call them murderer’s and racists because of their badge. Regardless, their just doing their jobs. (Also, most are NOT murderer’s, and there is absolutely nothing suggesting that the BP are affiliated with the KKK in any way)

  9. UofA should expel her, freedom of speech should not be a license to display such disrespect, hatred and rude behavior. Without repercussions it’s only going to get worse. Expelling her would be an example on consequences for poor choices, cause in the real world she’s in for a lot of problems and or causing even more unless checked for improper behavior now.

  10. Jarad Loughner also disrupted college activity with an insane rant. But instead of having him committed to a mental institution for evaluation, Sheriff Dupnik’s deputies just shooed him off campus. Had Loughner been committed, he would not have been able to buy the gun he used.

    I’m sure those deputies regret that now. But will there be future regrets for not dealing with Melchor’s insanity?

  11. UA Sports just sent out a “which way” should UA sports go questionnaire – with this type of “UA Cat Crap” Student body – I don’t care. They can have it… rapidly losing interest in anything UA.

    • Here here! And don’t fork over anything to the p-i-t-a Aluminum Assoc when they come calling. Stuff their over-paid coaches, prez, and left-leaning nonsense.

      Build the Wall.

    • Not surprised she is self-focused and has no compassion for others who may have a different path in life.

  12. They are raising tuition again–probably so they can give a free ride to garbage like whatserface.

  13. Got news for you bitch – like me I’m of Mexico descent ( 5 generations and proud) – YOU ARE WHITE!! Yeah the joke is on you/ YOU ARE OF EUROPEAN DESCENT- OH , you’re NATIVE AMERICA- i know you don’t read history- but NA are descentsnts of Asia. Here more AMERICAN HISTORY NOT TAUGHT BY TEACHER S – THE KKK WAS FOUNDED BY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY – google it, if that’s easier…. AND, THE NRA WAS FOUNDED ON 1870 to HELP FREED BLACK SLAVES DEFEND THEMSLVES AGAINST THE KKK.
    You’re an idiot. You’re the one “Offended”. You need help, mental help.

  14. It’s time we start making rules for student behavior. Actually, it is a federal crime to impede or interfere with a federal officer in performance of their duty. It was the officers scheduled work time for recruitment. These protestors more than likely threatened the officers (it’s pretty typical behavior for modern day protestors) I believe the University could then repremand these folks for their actions.

  15. I would think that if she hates federal officers, federal laws and the federal government she probably also hates federal funding. I wonder how long this young woman would last in a land with no laws, no police and no government?

  16. If she disrupts a class or event then she needs to be not just removed but kicked off of the campus and bared from the school. Disrupting s not free speech. Its time we start cracking down on these so called know it all punks who think they are going to disrupt anything they don’t like.

    • YES, removed from UofA campus and all activities. Served with a restraining order by the UofA. She should have been removed that day when she was being so disruptive and so should everyone else behaving disrespectful.

  17. Sounds like ASUA needs new leadership. They really put a bad light on the UofA. Just what we needed after the athletics fiasco.

  18. Wow… and here is the EXACT reason President Trump just signed the Campus Freedom Of Speech act! Border Patrol was INVITED to be there but because ONE loud mouthed melting snowflake couldn’t deal the faculty actually put this letter out!!!
    So they have undocumented students? Seriously? What part of “illegal” doesn’t this bastion of higher education not get? Cowards as always! Cowards afraid to stand up against censorship! COWARDS

  19. As a parent who financially supports my U of A student…I am appalled and outraged at this young woman’s behavior on campus. She does not represent the majority, I can assure you. My family welcomes and appreciates the work of ICE agents, and their presence on campus.
    I will be contacting the university to express my outrage. I fully expect reprocussions to be given to this young woman and her outrageous behavior.

    • I applaud you! If everyone who has an interest in this school were to call the administration and complain about the treatment of these Officers, “guests of the administration” they would have to act and discipline this student! Get involved people!
      This student has forgotten who is the educator and who is there to get the education!

  20. This twisted student is encouraged and led by our demoncrat party by the likes of CA.Rep.Kamala Harris. This student only copied what Kamala said months ago calling a CBP commander a KKK member. Please research on how much of her own money is paying for her college expenses. We the taxpayers pay most of it and our state lottery monies pay a lot of the construction for housing at our state colleges. UAPD needs to criminally cite her for DOC 13-2904m1. UA needs to suspend her for a period of time. Its not her right as a random student to disrupt other class rooms or meetings, its criminal on what she did. How about I go into her classes she payed for and yell and disrupt so she can not learn…. She is unstable and is being used as a chump by the political elites.

  21. These are the dreamers! They are the perfect cut-out for the Spanish peacock – vain and arrogant and refuse to consider that they invaded the continent with the sole purpose of slaughtering the Mayans and other native peoples. This genocide has not stopped.

  22. Moreno Melchor, is such a freaking racist and of course, UofA courses like “Chicano Movement, don’t help matters. Sedition shouldn’t be taught in any of our schools, especially when they are funded by both the state and the Federal Government.

  23. She violated AZ criminal code regarding interfering with the operation of an educational institution. Where was UAPD? When is she going to be arrested? It will be great to see her own video entered as evidence!

  24. That “chola” with a filthy mouth is racist! She probably will never realize she is! As we say in spanish “El zorro nunca se mira su cola!” “Y ni el zorillo se mira el fund***”

  25. I’m sure someone will punch her in her pie hole someday.
    Then will see how much she hates the cops.

  26. Sounds as if the UA has not changed its ways since the 70’s! Ever hear of john heard, a black guy who thew the same type of bs when he was enrolled. Sat in a class where he verbally attacked a white prof and got away with it. Used to stand at the corner where ‘free speach’ was supposedly allowed for these ‘student activists’ to spout their crap. They had little influence then and probably the same amount now, but they were enough to cause problems for kids trying to get an ‘education’ in between rotc protests, war protests, etc. now they protest for ILLEGAL MIGRANTS as they are not immigrants (people who enter legally and comply with laws) and the worst is yet to come from all of this. Then there are leftists such as above who claim its a “slow news day” and have nothing to add to the conversations except give the country away.

      • In the 50’s and 60’s there was an annual commercial on TV advising all illegal aliens that they were required to register their presence. I was a kid and I remember it well. The good old days.

        • I remember those. The Phoenix stations aired them every year.
          I’m not so sure those announcements referred to illegal aliens, though.
          If memory serves, they used the term “resident aliens,” to remind them of mandatory reporting requirements.

    perhaps you can find something to your liking in California or some other foreign nation

    • I’d check and see if she REALLY paid to be there. She could be a lying sack like the liberal loudmouth liar from NYC.

  28. Get all the facts you punk-ass students and act like decent human beings. Free speech is one thing, disrespect is another!

    If the agents were “invited” then the U A is culpable in what happened!!

  29. Wow — all that ink and a radio show just for one person going off. Must be a slow news day. Or…maybe I’ll get all that ink and radio play the next time I dare to ask a question from the audience at an ADOT “public meeting” which does not allow comment or questions from the floor. MASA! Make America Sane Again!!

    • You’re part of the problem. It wasn’t just one person. One person started it, then there was a group of students stalking the BP where ever they went until they left campus. She’s just one of many of the Chicano anti American movement.

  30. The university should have put a stop to the students harassment of BP. This went much further than it should have. The UofA is supposed to be free of harassment, obviously it just depends on who the party represents. This young person needs some law education. I applaud BP for their reactions.

  31. Well, we know who the racist was and DACA should fear BP agents, they are here illegally. A stoke of a pen from obamantion did not change that.

  32. Didn’t PDJT just sign a bill that demanded free speech on campuses that receive federal $$$$. Pull ALL the federal $$$ and let UA sink down their own self-made swamp.

    • HUH
      You are correct! I guess the timing of this may be a factor. However, If I were a conservative student at this University or any University I would insure to hold similar conservative gatherings and relish the opportunity to “bust” the University financially. For too long of a time conservative students have been bullied.

      As for the student (Denisse Moreno Melchor) who harassed the Federal Agents, check her papers, and that of her family and friends!

    • So Denisse Moreno Melchor gives the finger to the US government in her photo. I bet this freeloading liberal is the first in getting a free hand out.
      Denisse Moreno Melchor since you stated ‘sex is good’ in your message you have the oldest profession credentials to save the government money and pay for college your self

    • Yepper! I wonder how this university would like losing funding over this little twit? I bet they wouldn’t appreciate her insane little rant and her blatant racism and hatred. She should be expelled.

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