Weiers Takes Early, Easy Lead In Glendale Mayor’s Race

Ray Malnar, Joyce Clark, Jerry Weiers, and Ian Hugh celebrate Tuesday's results.

Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers as taken an early lead against challenger Michelle Robertson. In early results, Weiers garnered 53 percent of the vote.

Council member Joyce Clark, who represents the Yucca District in southwest Glendale, has a lead over challenger Bryce Alexander.

Councilmembers Ian Hugh and Ray Malnar ran unopposed.

“My wife Sandy and I want to thank the great people of Glendale for their support,” said Weiers in a press release. “Serving as Mayor has been the honor of my life and I will continue to give 100% to this great city. We are building something very special here and I look forward to continued improvements that can be shared with the entire city. A special thank you to our tremendous team of volunteers and supporters — this was the most unusual election of our lives, as social distancing made many traditional campaign techniques unsafe. Yet we still increased our vote total from 2016 by more than 4,000 votes and counting, so kudos to the team for a job well done and thank you again to the voters of Glendale!”

WEIERS, JERRY 17,280 53%
MALNAR, RAY 6,143 100%
HUGH, IAN 3,836 100%
CLARK, JOYCE 2,419 58%
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