Giffords towers over bureaucrat Barber

By Bruce Ash

Tucson was treated by a rare visit last night from Gabby Giffords when she appeared at the Barber rally at the Rialto Theatre (is anyone going to ask the question who paid for the rental of the hall?).

Her visit amplifies how even in her present diminished condition she still towers in comparison over fill in candidate Ron Barber.

Ms. Giffords was a democrat party force of nature. Ron Barber might be a sweet ‘ol grandpa and a well meaning liberal but he has demonstrated he clearly is not the same fit for the district Giffords used to be. Let’s be clear about this… just being employed by Gabby Giffords to perform ministerial duties does not qualify Ron Barber for representing us in Congress.

For two months her former district director, Barber, has sought to distance himself from Gifford’s votes but when he fell seriously behind in the special election who did he call on to try and bail him out and pick up sympathetic airtime on TV and ink in the local fish wrap — the person he says he would over turn her votes in Congress on ObamaCare and Cap & Trade.

Ron Barber is just a weak, ill suited bureaucrat substitute candidate with few original ideas to get Southern Arizonans back to work. He is in favor of the democrat’s killing regulations which have killed jobs. Barber would vote with Obama to raise taxes as well as the debt limit and has already said ObamaCare should be tinkered with but not repealed and started over from scratch.

Barber’s argument says GOP plans are dangerous. Don’t let Ron Barber and his very liberal supporters (Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid) bully us into voting for their leftist status quo they and Barack Obama share which will surely ruin our economy and end our freedoms. Is liberty protected best by big government or through smaller government? Ron Barber is a dangerous little man.

All of us who know Gabby Giffords and admire her courage should not be fooled by her smiling face only to be disappointed by a poor substitute incapable of leadership we can depend on.

Editor’s note: The AZDI requested the rental information from the Rialto last week and has yet to receive a response to the request.

Bruce Ash is a Republican National Committeeman.


  1. Barber does not have the character or charisma to run a family reunion. Help redirect CD8 and the upcoming CD2, by returning him to the ranks of the unemployed.

    • Not only that, but he does not have the intelligence, back bone, or leadership qualities, either.

  2. Newsflash to the idiot who posted @ 9:43am:

    THIS IS 2012 and Gabby is NOT running you schmuck!

  3. Wakeup Tucson reported that they asked the Rialto and that the folks at the Rialto said the Barber campaign was paying for the facility.

    However, the Rialto folks gave the “it’s complicated” line about how much the facility went for (on a Saturday night…prime time). They said that they could not divulge the specific amounts because they charge people different amounts based on a variety of factors that the great unwashed (in this case Republicans) simply would not be able to comprehend.

    So I guess we shall have to wait until the post-general FEC report due 7/12 to see what that amount will be. Regardless of the Rialto’s super secret sliding scale calculation, it will be public data.

    It’s not that I don’t think the Barber campaign doesn’t have the money, I’m sure they can get it, they seem to have access to an unlimited pool of money.

    Funny to watch Barber embrace Gabby, then run away from her because his poll numbers sucked, then run back to her because his poll numbers sucked. Way to use your former boss, Ron.

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