Public skepticism reflected in Harris #Sendthemback, going viral

James T. Harris of 104.1 KQTH, told the Arizona Daily Independent that his hashtag activism is going viral because, “People can see through it and they are still uncomfortable expressing the fact that these kids need to go home because they are not our responsibility.”

In the photo that has gone viral, Harris mocks the First Lady’s hashtag activism by standing in front of the Border Patrol facility in Nogales, Arizona while holding a piece of paper that says “#Sendthemback.”

Currently at the Nogales, Arizona border patrol facility hundreds of illegal children from Central America are being housed there.

His photo has been shared nearly 700 times in the last 24 hours on his Facebook page, and has earned 2,136 likes on the Five on Fox Facebook page by 5.p.m. on Monday.

“We went off-roading along the (border) fence outside of Nogales,” Harris said of his excursion to Nogales, “It was really revealing. We bumped into a couple of Border Patrol agents and my friend asked them, ‘if we were stopped,’ and he said, “No but what are you doing here? This is government controlled area.’ My friend said, ‘What do you mean by government control?’

“The border control agent looked at us and said, ‘Well that means if you go back there, people are going to look at you funny.’ My friend then said, ‘who is going to look at us funny?’

And finally Border Control said, ‘Border Patrol.’

My friend said, “okay.” And we continued on our way into Government controlled territory. Why the intimidation? Why the government controlled area? What are they patrolling… is this America?’

“We drove further in and saw a lot of border patrol back there,” said Harris. “We saw at least 3 squads in 1 mile to 2 mile radius and they were protecting(?) this large facility. It seemed odd ”

Harris’s interview with Arizona Daily Independent focused on his experience on the border and his views on the reality of what is occurring with the administration and this crisis.

“My friend who is a businessman was surprised because he did not know that the illegal children were housed on Border Patrol property. He just thought it was a warehouse in the Nogales area… And because he’s in the food service business he understood instantly the magnitude of the operation it would take to set this up and feed people; feeding children, three times a day.” Harris added, “He realized that this was not something that they threw together, but this had to be part of a plan for a while because of the logistics to get everything in place and keep it maintained.”

Harris believes this facility wasn’t a spontaneous creation, but planned and organized for this exact operation saying, “It occurred to me that this was highly organized and had been in the works for months. We’ve seen FEMA work in emergency situations and we’ve seen how much of a fubar it is… Think Katrina and other Hurricane Sandy. But you aren’t seeing those fubar’s here because they have had enough time to set it up.”

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  2. We can only hope that as the soldiers in Louis XVI’s army fired on the guards instead of the peasants when they stormed the Bastille, that our state law enforcement officers and Border Patrol will join us, the people, in gathering up all of these illegal aliens at our southern border, putting them on buses, and driving them into interior Mexico. They came through Mexico to get here; they can find their way home through Mexico.

    However, such will never happen. Some federal REMF (I’ll let Vietnam Vets translate that acronym for the untutored!) signs all Border Patrol agents’ checks who have families to feed. Our governor hasn’t got the intestinal fortitude to tell the Feds to kiss off, call out the National Guard, and direct them to assist in putting the illegal aliens on busses back into Mexico. Even though I like Governor Perry, I cannot invision him ordering TX law enforcement officers to load up with rubber bullets, stand by the Rio Grande, and nail the people-trafficking coyotes in order to deter them from landing on the US side with illegal aliens in their boats and Sea Doos.

    Nobody in Congress has proposed to impeach Obama for putting our country in danger from this hoard of unvaccinated invaders and the future raising of federal and state taxes to pay for educating their children, EBT cards, Section 8 housing, food stamps, etc. Jindal is correct, this nation is on the brink of a revolution because we the people are tired of the Federal government trashng our Constitution. Of course, if we did rise up in rebellion, Obama would declare martial law and all law enforcement organizations which he’s supplied with military-grade materiel would enforce it because he would pay them to do so.

  3. J.T. is the perfect person to help us get started. No one cares about all the problems this is causing our state. DC is a million miles away. With J.T.’s connections, he could only be helpful. Ship those kids home or drop them all off in Mexico City. We will never resolve our problem if we wait. Arpaio is the perfect individual to take control, raid these facilities, and seize the children from the Feds. The hairdresser is not capable of protecting our state. Our Federal government is NOT IN CONTROL OF ARIZONA and it’s time they learn it. I would love to see their reaction when confronted by our SWAT teams and volunteer National Guardsmen. It might finally be the start of something really good for our country! Obama would go ballistic if our top ELECTED law enforcement officer took on his lowly appointed one. We need a few chartered 747s, some buses, and plenty of citizen protection for Joe. Obama would FREEZE SOLID and it might be a great way to take a stand against the tyrant.

    I sure don’t hear our candidates saying much about getting control of this situation. Maybe they’re all the wrong people needed for help.

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