Brewer attacks popular Latino lawmaker Montenegro

Representative Steve Montenegro, who has gained friends on both sides of the political aisle for his sincere and gentle nature, is now in the crosshairs of Governor Jan Brewer.steve-montenegro

During the late-night coup of the Legislature by Brewer, Montenegro gave an impassioned speech on the floor of the House against Brewer’s Obamacare bill last year. A video of the soft-spoken pastor, delivering his speech on the House floor, went viral.

Now, the governor is raising money for a primary challenger. According to the Yellow Sheet, “Brewer’s first endorsement of a primary challenger to a sitting legislative incumbent appeared yesterday, when the governor gave her stamp of approval to Diane Landis, who is running in the LD13 GOP primary…” The Yellow sheet noted, “Several Republican sources have recently told our reporter that Montenegro is in danger of losing the election to Landis, and one said Brewer’s endorsement could signal a “death blow” for Montenegro.”

Montenegro, an immigrant from El Salvador came to the U.S. at age four with his family. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Arizona State University with a B.S. in Political Science.

The governor crammed through the Medicaid expansion in the middle of the night. In response, Montenegro criticized the late night maneuver, calling the governor’s move disrespectful. “This is not the greatness that my father taught me about the great United States of America,” he said. “We deserve answers. The people deserve answers. They deserve transparency.”

The governor has secured donations from the healthcare providers who stand to gain economically from her expansion. Through her PAC, she is directing money to be spent against fellow republicans like Montenegro.


  1. Representative Montenagro is the epitome of an honorable and just man. His story of legal immigration, diligent pursuit of education and higher learning should be lifted up by Gov. Brewer, not targeted. His courage to stand up for the rule of law, for the separation of powers in our State government, and against special interests is remarkable in this day of corporate greed and government facilitation of it. We need many more honorable men like him for taxpayers to have justice and legitimate representation, free of the strings that come with special interest money. The Governor has become a lobbyist already and she isn’t even out of office yet.

    • Amen to that, Brewer is one angry vindictive person. Not a shining example of humanity. It will be interesting to see what sort of overpaid position she ends up in after she can no longer >>>> up Arizona.

  2. She is vile & cruel and hates Hispanics. Can’t wait for the exit from Governors chair.

    • While I disagree with her attack on Montenegro, your claim that she hates Hispanics is incorrect. Name calling does nothing either. If you want to comment perhaps you need to give information as to why you are making these claims.
      I am not a fan of Brewers policies. I did not agree with the expansion of Medicaid. I don’t agree with the push for Common Core. I think the way the Medicaid expansion went through was unprofessional and a tactic that she should never have used. She did it again the CPS reform. These are programs she wanted so she used these methods to get what she wanted.

  3. We contacted Steve Montenagro on a CPS issue. My own legislature, Kate Brophy McGee, would not meet with us, but Steve would. On behalf of our family he made the contacts necessary to get CPS to respond to our appeal and hold the interview with us as grandparents – which they are required to do by law. He was extremely helpful and understanding – and concerned that the agency follow the laws already passed. He stepped up when others wouldn’t. We are grateful to him and would highly recommend that voters in his district continue to support him.

  4. There is one answer to this and that is not to just blindly follow and agree with those who endorse others. As we have free-will, we also have free-thoughts. When I hear about or see an incumbent endorsing anyone, I am skeptical and go the extra effort to find out for myself the views and promises of all the candidates. Smacking down Brewer in most cases should be based on what she herself has said or done. There are those around her who are paid to do a job and as we have discovered their views of their jobs and importance differ from the electorate. It is time for Arizonians to stop lining up and believing like a bunch of sheep.

  5. If he is contending with the Brewer gang. I am sure he could use a contribution. Do it I did. Every little bit helps.

  6. I proudly serve with Steve and sit next to him on the House floor. Steve loves our state, country, Constitution and is a man of conviction and integrity and has served in the AZ State Legislature with distinction. Please spread the word that Steve needs our grassroots help, and please contribute to Steve’s

  7. I do hope Brewer doesn’t hold any kind of political office in the future. She only supports those she can get something out of. And she has demonstrated her true RINO colors. She is anything but Conservative.
    Her support for Obamacare (Medicaid extension in AZ), affected the AZ budget more than anything else.
    The property taxes yearly increase by the RINOS she endorses will make many people lose their homes.
    Heather Carter is responsible for many elderly people on SS to lose their homes due to the higher taxes.

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