Tucson cop cleared in coed clocking

Mann helmet cam

According to the Pima County Attorney’s office, when a Tucson Police Department officer clocked a coed as she was walking down the sidewalk during March Madness celebration at the University of Arizona, he didn’t mean to do it. Sgt. Joel Mann was simply overzealous.

The video of Mann, violently pushing Christina Gardilcic over a bench as she and two friends were peacefully passing him, went viral after the Arizona Daily Independent broke the story, and the cries of brutality came from all sectors.

The Arizona Daily Star obtained through a public records request, the letter Johnson issued in the matter. “However, it is clear from the evidence that Sergeant Mann lacked any criminal intent in using the force he did. Because the evidence does not demonstrate any criminal intent on the part of Sergeant Mann, the State would be unable to prove any criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Johnson claimed that Mann’s “sole intent in using the force was to protect the back of the (police) skirmish line and to keep people out of the riot area.” In the video, Gardilcic is seen on the sidewalk a distance from the partiers in the street.

Here is video from TPD Sgt. Joel Mann as the incident occurred,

Here is the original video showing the officer hitting Gardilcic:

Most damaging is the footage taken from Mann’s helmet cam. In that video, a young woman is hit by Mann and falls into a young man who is sitting at a table watching the partiers in the street.

On August 13, 2014 Stephen M. Weeks filed a notice of claim for Gardilcic. In the claim it states “Ms. Gardilcic is willing to settle all state and federal claims against all conceivable parties for $375,000.”

The damages claimed by Ms. Gardilcic include having a bruised arm, back spasms, mental anguish from the media coverage, and a breach of trust.

City of Tucson sources claim that Gardilcic was offered $20,000 for her troubles, but sources say that Gardilcic claims no such offer was made.

Tyler Charles who allegedly witnessed Gardilcic get hit told ADI reporter Matthew Perez, “The girl walked passed me and she had her drink in her hand. I don’t know if it had alcohol in it or not… But she literally walked pass me and the officer just rammed her and all of us guys around lost our shit.”

Christina Gardilcic graduated from the University of Arizona with bachelors in Psychology.

In this video, a young man simply walks a few steps up towards police and is immediately knocked down:

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  1. The FBI should be investigating the TPD, it’s obvious they train these mouth breathers at the academy to assault women, I hope this scumbag isn’t married, Villasenorita should be ashamed of himself if he cared about the public safety and not covering up for his criminal TPD.

  2. If he has been deployed to the middle east maybe he will get the justice he deserves over there and his victim can get closure on this matter which she can not get under our ever increasing totalitarian, dictatorial, ComiNazi, suppressing our rights style of governments.

  3. BTW – I’m hearing by rumor that this officer involved is no longer with TPD at this time, that he has been deployed with his military unit to war in the middle east – May the lord keep him safe.

  4. ever wonder how the police rationalize their actions in a police state… how it is that they can turn and act against their own people and fellow citizens – I guess they just become over zealous – which makes the right be default

  5. I once witnessed 3 cops beating a man who was on the ground yelling he “gives”, I happened to be passing by and remarked ” He gives why are they still kicking him” and the cop near me turned and slapped me hard, as I was falling back with arms up and out I touched him, he was that close. He grabbed me by the neck and slammed me against a wall and was charged with assault on a police officer. That was a felony. My PD knocked it down to a misdemener and I got 6 mos. probation!

    Where was this? KC Missouri, man the cops are really tough there. I was 32 yrs old and female just walking by, trying to go around them when I made that remark, I’ve since learned to keep my mouth shut. Pitiful !

  6. When the police fear the ppl and ppl fear the police we have effectively changed this country forever. I have shared with BOS and Mayor and Council, if they are in fear of ppl they serve, time to get out.

    I feel fairly confident in saying the majority of ppl concluded that TPD was guilty of assault. But politicians have the power to say ” we the ppl” should be ignored. It we the politicians that run city & county goverments. And we the ppl have nothing to say about it! If you challenge us we will distroy you.

    What I had wished would and should have happen is allow a jury of your peers to decide guilt or innocence. Guess that would be asking too much.

  7. “If you don’t get out of the vehicle I will pull you out”. This threat to physically attack me was given to me by a Deputy Sheriff after pulling me over because I made a LEGAL right turn and stayed in the lane closest to the curb but did not hit the curb. I was pulled over because the cop said that I came to close to the curb. When I asked why I was pulled over that is when the GESTAPO like action on the cops part occurred. I did as he ORDERED me to do and took his BS, invasion of my 5th amendment right to not incriminate myself DUI test. I passed his test and was sent on my way. As I did not in the first place break any laws, but lets say I failed the test, could I have used the same BS excuse that this thug officer used by saying that I had no “criminal intent” to break the DUI laws and not be charged. “Equal protection under the law” in our nation has as much bite as a Pit Bull with no teeth. This thug cop should be charged with aggravate assault, convicted, sent to Florence prison and placed in the “general population” as an example of what will happen to any cop that thinks he is above the same laws that we must live under.

  8. And the hits just keep on coming!!
    LE can do what ever they want and get away with it.
    Pima county might have to settle and pay them some money, but I bet this guy and many others are still working as LE
    LE should be brought up on charges just the same as anybody else, we need a AG and a Pima County Prosecutor with the nuts to prosecute them. Only then will they start to change their actions
    Yes I have been a victim of police brutality and overzealous officers.
    Now for the LE side
    They do have a dangerous job and many if not most of them are some of the best people you will ever meet.
    But some have forgotten that they are to protect us, not to terrorize us.
    They have their own Gang and if you are not member of that Gang, then you are against them and you will be treated like the enemy.
    If the Good Officers would quit covering for the bad ones, we could clean a lot of this up very quick.
    But they all have that Gang mentality.

  9. What the hell, it was only a reflex action and he is sorry. Gee, wonder if I shoved someone over a bench if they would let me go too??? Any bets on that one?

  10. Hoo, boy!

    Just try this defense as one of the peons. “I really had no criminal intent when I assaulted that officer – now which way is the jail exit?”

    Assault and battery requires no criminal intent to be charged, tried, and convicted – just a voluntary action.

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