Tucson students get roughed up after Elite Eight game

It should have been expected, and the Tucson Police should have been prepared to keep the peace on the night of March 29, 2014, before and after the of the University of Arizona’s final appearance in March Madness. Instead, they were geared up for a riot, and one young woman, walking down the sidewalk, felt just how geared up they were when she was attacked by two police officers and knocked to the ground.

One student, Tyler Charles who allegedly witnessed the woman get hit by the police officer told ADI, “The girl walked passed me and she had her drink in her hand. I don’t know if it had alcohol in it or not… But she literally walked pass me and the officer just rammed her and all of us guys around lost our shit.”

A Tucson police spokesman said the department has been made aware of the video and internal affairs will review it.

Just in: Petition filed against TPD officer, Board of Inquiry to investigate

Phoebe Landolt, who originally uploaded the video said to the ADI, “I came later and I was told that 3 girls were trying to get to their car off of university (boulevard) and with no warning this girl was knocked over by the cop. Watching the video and seeing the scene in person I understand the purpose behind crowd control in a situation like that but what that officer did was completely unwarranted.”

A riot is what they wanted, but it wasn’t really what they got. According to area business people and students, the police were all dressed up for a riot and had no riot to go to, so it appeared that they created one of sorts.

According to the Tucson Police Department, officers and University of Arizona Police Officers were deployed to Main Gate Square on University Boulevard in preparation of large crowds gathering to watch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Officers were staged along University Boulevard before and during the game to show a police presence in the area.

The Police report reads:

At the conclusion of the game hundreds of people exited the various establishments and filled University Boulevard. The crowds began to congregate along the Boulevard but appeared to be calm after the Arizona Wildcats lost a close game to the Wisconsin Badgers.

As the crowd grew larger police began asking individuals to start moving out of the streets, however the crowd did not respond. Mobile Field Force Units were then deployed at Tyndall Avenue and University Boulevard with their protective equipment. A dispersal order was given to the crowd numerous times in both English and Spanish, telling the crowd that the Tucson Police Department had declared their gathering to be an unlawful assembly and to disperse from the area immediately.
On these points, almost everyone agrees. What happened next is the point of contention.

Police claim:

The majority of the crowd did not respond to the dispersal order and began throwing beer bottles, beer cans and firecrackers at the officers. Several of the firecrackers rolled underneath a patrol vehicle that was deployed with the Mobile Field Force Units. As the crowd began to move closer to the officers, pepper ball rounds were used in an attempt to disperse the crowd. Several individuals continued to advance at the officers and were taken into custody.

Bystanders and business staff claim:

The students did not throw anything at the police until the police became very aggressive to one or two people in the crowd.

15 people were arrested 9 of whom are students at the University of Arizona.

In this video, a young man simply walks a few steps up towards police and is immediately knocked down:


  1. What kind of individual would simply walk up to a police officer with his arms spread out after being told to turn around and leave? The video looks confrontational, no?

    • No, it doesn’t look confrontational. It looks like someone sucker punched by a police officer.

    • If that looks confrontational to you, you are a seriously wimpy little zero who deserves to die young.

    • I have never seen a professional fighter walk into a ring with sunglasses, and big gut, and arms wide open!
      He must have a fighting style so deadly only cops can identify and must shoot 5-6 times because the extreme threat!
      I wonder what would have happened if a TPD gave the guy a hug? Maybe, that’s what this guy noticed the emotionally unstable cops needed!!

    • What planet are you from? I suppose you think that physically being anywhere is confrontational? Your comments were insulting to a normal person’s intelligence.

  2. This was the best way to prepare for the crowd, riot police….? I dont think so!! The cops were dressed for riot and thats what they created! I have seen multiple vidoes and the crowd is not violent!
    The individual was shot 4-5 times? Guns must have been drawn from the holster, safety deactivated, pointed, aimed, and fired and a Tucson resident. There were guns drawn on the student crowd?
    How embarrassing! Tucson police department, shame on you!
    Piss poor planning equals piss poor results! The leader of the officers clearly did not have control of his staff! There are many individuals that should be fired!!

      • Back to their home states. Az doesn’t need them here. Maybe deport was the wrong word, because I didn’t say anything about illegals, I said students.

        • Rat T, are you advocating for the removal of Arizona’s most educated individuals? You’re already in one of the least educated states in the nation, are you trying to make Arizona the absolute dumbest in all of America?

        • I would submit that Rat T is saying that these college students are demonstrating they are ignorant, therefre she would NOT be advocating for the removal of the “most educated.” Seems pretty obvious to me and I’m not even a highly educated professor!

  3. I think what the officer did was very harsh. But… what do these students think will happen? don’t they have any sense? Anytime you see a crowd like this and police, you just don’t mess with the cops. You obey and you just might get out of there safely. Villasenor was on the tube early on and said he had everything under control…….except his men.

      • Yes they work for us… But go on ahead and tell them your the Boss! Lets see who ends up eating asphalt. Listen I learned quite harshly when I was 16 that I wasn’t the Boss, I watched as a friend of mine almost got kicked to death,
        Another time I got slapped across the face and kicked off my chair all because I really thought I was the Boss. I got charged with “assaulting an officer, a felony. Got off with a misdemeanor and 6 mos. probation ( I asked why they had to keep punching a guy after he cried uncle)
        When they say disperse after a game,go! When they ask for your drivers license show it to them carefully and speak respectfully. I’ve gone thru life a lot better after learning this. So you can holler about “them working” for us but I don’t think they see it that way.

        • That is correct. Either meekly submit, or come at those fuckers armed and show no mercy. There going to get what all nazis get.

  4. the cause of the ‘riot’ was the police – had they handled anything that happen in different manner none of this would have happen – this event was planned by TPD – we know what’s coming – we’ll show them who’s the boss because we are ‘the force’ and that’s the problem ‘the force in not in accordance with the problem.. nothing new going on here – the police somehow probably see this as pay back for some years back… they came for a riot and failed. The pepper spray bullets – they must have a new toy they want to demonstrate to the citizens ‘ look what you bought us ‘ ? and we know how to use it… fixing a problem that didn’t exist… to serve and collect it’s what they do best – intimidation is their methodology – from night one there was no doubt in my mind night two would bring this type of results.

    • I think we as a people need to stand up and say that we have no use for cops or criminals. Perhaps we could send them all — the pig thugs, and violent citizens to a an isolated island somewhere and let them have all their negativity there and leave the rest of us alone. We have no use for thugs — uniformed and not.

      • NO, all you have to do is burn his house down and run over his wife with a car. No need for revolution.

    • No it’s your fault.. as an american you suck, i’ve been witness to your nation become more and more a police state yet not ONE time have a i read someone blew the head of a police man’s entire family to make the point he Mexicans delivered so well: We will NOT accept this.

  5. Those pigs had no right to order anyone out of the street. They were only greeting and chatting with each other before going home. If that is a crime in this country then we have a problem. Too bad those people didn’t put all those pigs in their place.

      • Norm,
        What makes you better than the scum officer that picked on a woman? Your picking a fight? The universe always finds a way to give you what your looking for….and if its a fight…. there is always someone out there that would be happy to introduce your face to concrete. What are you doing here in the US if your country is so wonderful?? I would be happy to buy your ticket back home!!

    • When you are told to disperse, you leave. After being told to disperse and you advance toward the police expect to get your azz arrested or physically dispersed. Act like a fool get a beat down by the police. Great job TPD.

      • Tom,
        You are apart of the problem! Whats wrong with people taking their time leaving the restaurants in a relaxed manor? The TPD escalated a peaceful situation to a riot!

  6. That tough guy with a badge is lucky that wasn’t my girlfriend walking and getting rammed… because I will go at it with him like a man. I don’t care if your a cop, a priest, or damn whatever… you just don’t hit a woman like that!!! Hey tough guy did your daddy and mommy ever teach you to never hit a woman? WoW! Your so TOUGH!! Go celebrate with your buddies and a box of donuts.

  7. Why doesn’t the family of that girl beat the living hell out of the cop’s wife or daughter? Oh yeah, because your are all american wimps begging for a police state.

  8. Hey.. i just pissed on an american man’s wife right in front of him.. nope.. he didn’t do anything.

    • Hey Norm, why don’t you climb out of your parent’s basement and take a trip to Wisconsin and try to piss on my wife. It will be a cheap trip as you’ll only need a one way ticket, I guarantee you won’t be going home to mommy’s basement.

  9. What the guy did in this video is very confrontational, and in case you all didn’t know, the UofA has a history of riots, especially after wins or losses in the NCAA. The cause of the riot was the students parading in the streets, lobbing beers and fireworks at the police. The officers were just trying to be proactive and the students were just trying to piss off some police officers. The riot happened by no fault of the police, just by fault of the foolish students.

    • It is not up to the police to take the initiative and assault another person! That’s what the gear is for!!! If the the crowd was to attack then law enforcement could defend and distribute punishment with force.

      • Aaron do you honestly believe that law enforcement carry guns, wear shields, helmets, and body armor to protect you? Everything they do in every situation is to protect them. If you can’t fathom that basic fact then you are very foolish.

  10. What you all missed, is how fascist pig number 2 headbutts the guy using his face shield…

    Deadly force against the police is warranted in this case. In order to protect innocent people from police who are committing a forcible felony.

  11. had the police simply ‘monitored this situation’ nothing would have developed into the ‘riot’? that they claimed happen… in this instance the POLICE were the instigators – intimidation will get them NOWHERE – now they have not only lost the battle, but they have lost respect – TPD its usual belligerent self – that guy that ran up to the guy without out stretched arms and ‘head butt him’ with his helmet – that’s a cop that needs to be fired. Completely unnecessary.

  12. Amazing with all the video cameras going none of the cameras picked up bottles or beer cans or firecrackers being thrown!!?? The TPD abused their power and harmed the very people that pay their salaries!
    Show some evidence to prove you were under attack!!! That’s what I though!

  13. Aric your a punk ass bitch, why dont you stand up for yourself instead of laying down like a dog. Drivers licenses are not needed in the US either We have a consitutional right to travel without being harrassed. Look it up. Its because of bitches like you that the people have to be afraid of the police. Have some self respect and stand the fuck up, or live on your knees and die like a dog punk.

    • With that attitude you’ll be the one laying on the ground being kicked and tasered by police officers but if Aric passed by I’m sure she’ll pray for you.

  14. I came here looking to see evidence of fireworks or beer bottles being thrown, etc. I see none of that. If the business people are saying the police started it, I will believe them. And “an unlawful assembly” ?? With restaurants and bars open it just looks like another night in the city. What would these cops have done 40-50 years ago when there were no malls and every weekend night in a town looked like this! There seems to be a problem in this country with police-community relations. The police need to change their tactics.

  15. if there was real man out there these cups would have not done this. i only saw one man and alot of woman out there

  16. You will also notice that he is being impacted in his chest several times with something. It looks like maybe tear gas pellets of some type.

  17. Catch the second cop slams his helmet into the guys face. When the shit hits the fan officers like this are going to get a beat down.

  18. I think everyone is missing the point here. What is happening all over America is a lack of respect and judgment. Fault lies on both sides here. Students (people) need to learn that their actions affect responses. If one acts belligerent or abusive it will entail abusive action in return. At the same time, police seem to be taking their authority more literally these days and are feeling their power. More and more reports are coming in about police who are becoming physically abusive and threatening when there is little reason to do so. The culture of America is becoming less tolerant and more threatening of those who do not believe as others do. When you have a heavy handed federal government, it is no surprise that local governments and police forces become heavy handed as well. At the same time people literally show disrespect for others and intolerance of others beliefs. The direction we are going is a sure sign of the ultimate destruction of this once great nation. God help us!

    • Robert the greater fault lies with the adults (police) they were dressed for a riot and they made sure the got one. I talked to two Bartenders in the area and they said there was no problem until the Poice decided to show some force to control and agitated the students.

      They were determined to qwell a riot. You never want to waste a good crowd.

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