Watchdog Moore resigns from Rio Nuevo

Tucson streetcar to nowhere

On Friday, Rio Nuevo Board member Alberto Moore tendered his resignation. In a letter to Governor Jan Brewer dated November 9, 2014 Moore announced he was stepping aside to allow Governor Elect Doug Ducey to select his own appointee.

In his vague letter Moore said, “I felt it was important that Governor Elect Ducey should have the opportunity to select freely his representatives without any encumbrance by me.”

Moore, who just successfully thwarted an attempt to steer the award of an RFP to one preferred developer, was gracious in his resignation, “With its many twists and turns, it has been an important post with tremendous responsibility for the future success of downtown. I firmly believe that Rio Nuevo has worked to emerge successfully from a most contentious and distrusted history.”

Chairman Fletcher McCusker issued a press release upon receiving the resignation. McCusker said, “People expected Alberto and I to be oil and water but in the end we learned to respect one another and work through very challenging issues for the good of the community. I wish him well!”

Moore was appointed to the Rio Nuevo board by the Governor after the legislature seized control of the District in 2009. The Rio Nuevo board is appointed by the Governor, Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate.

Just last year, the Board maneuvered to have legislation passed that removed key constraints that had been imposed in 2010. Under the current legislation Rio Nuevo will continue to spend state tax dollars committed to downtown redevelopment until 2025.

Moore had recently questioned that spending after it became clear that some Board members wanted to illegally make a gift f public monies to the January 8th shooting memorial. After years of fighting for transparency and accountability, Moore did not share his concerns, and there was little point to do so. The Board is stacked and the Legislature has been willing to look the other way.


  1. The ppl lost a man who was willing to fight for what is right. That is impossible to find because both the D & R are selfish and are cruel to anyone who will stand up to them.

    Thank you for looking after the ppl. I will follow your lead and gladly announce that I will work tirelessly in best interest of ppl and not party.

    Again thank for your dedication , hard work and leadership.

  2. cut the funds and close the door to Rio Nowhere – we’ve had all the opportunity we can stand – the city is going broke and nowhere at the same time! We’re up the “Rio” without a paddle! STOP !

  3. but we got brass tits on the naked lady next to the new bridge where the 90 million dollar trolly goes ding ding ding… from the tattoo parlor to the bar – public housing – hospital and back again! What a great project – not to mention for the 90 million “everyone in Tucson” could have had ‘free bus’ for 10 years! and still not have to pay the retirement a lawsuits that the light rail will incur over the next couple of years of its operations till we determine we can’t afford it anymore… and shut it down – priceless.

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