UofA receives $1.2 mil for LGBT homeless

The University of Arizona’s Southwest Institute for Research on Women, has received a $1.2 million grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, to address homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth and young adults.

SIROW has just launched the ANCHOR Project in partnership with CODAC Behavioral Health Services and the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, according to a press release from the University of Arizona. ANCHOR stands for Accessible Network for Coordinated Housing, Opportunities and Resilience. With the federal grant, SIROW also has opened a project site in central Tucson.

The UA-led project will be funded over a three-year period to target unstably housed LGBTQ adults ages 18 through 26.

The UA-led team will offer services that promote housing stability, community engagement, recovery support, education completion and healthy decision-making. Participants also will have the option to engage in services related to employment skills and financial education, according to the statement.

“There aren’t too many programs nationally that are comparable,” said Claudia Powell, a research social scientist with SIROW and the ANCHOR Project’s principal investigator, noting that while different organizations and agencies may provide housing stability, sexual health and substance abuse support, they often do not incorporate job readiness and education.

Of course, most of the money will go to staff. The team intends to will provide agency staff with training on ways to help prevent instances of discrimination and to provide safe spaces for youth and young adults.

The ANCHOR Project grew out of earlier SIROW projects, including HerStory and iTEAM, which have provided previously unavailable information about the experiences of LGBTQ youth, particularly related to housing stability, abuse and other trauma and also habits related to substance abuse.

The project will provide a trauma-informed system of care to ensure that LGBTQ young adults are supported in their efforts to make empowered choices, increasing the likelihood that they are able to lead healthy and successful lives.

Estimates indicate that 20 to 40 percent of those who are between the ages of 18 and 24 who are homeless in Tucson identify as LGBTQ.


  1. I am not a religious person as I consider them to all be hypocrites such as Hernandez. I just researched some of the books of the bible and they all call men having sex with other men an “abomination and detestable”. Now most all religious cults/sects go along with this chosen lifestyle and why they are IMHO, Hypocrites.

  2. All humans are gods children. We all have right to be treated as loving compassionate human beings. This is WONDERFUL cause.

    That being said we need to expand on this for Veterans and any American who finds themselves in need.

    For those of you who are high and mighty and feel need to Judge, I say read your bible, there are many quotes passages of being of service to fellow man that includes LGBT.

  3. These definitions are from my old dictionary before all of the Politically Correct B.S. started and the Psychiatric profession was BADGERED into saying that these people were normal and that their sexual habits were normal.

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    Our nation no longer has the “Moral High Ground” because of all of the P.C. B.S. on the Q’s.

  4. at the end of my comment I forgot “how Q” as the last two words of opinion – I can still have can’t I ? Or has that now been outlawed by P & C – in the “alpha”byte soup of correct letter designational understanding and meaning.

  5. Yet another colossal waste of funds by the feds and U of A. I guess now every homeless individual will suddenly become LGBT because they all “deserve” something. Where the hell did the “Q” come from? A little redundant I think.

  6. Well kids, the LGBT community is now the new cause celeb. They area about 2% of the population and get about 70% of the headlines. Yea, compassion and understanding they are not. Don’t agree with them, then then they will be immediately in the attack mode calling you every racist name in the book and trying to destroy you or your business. Just more of the same from the liberal minority that DEMAND respect and yet give none in return. Screw them all.

  7. LGBTQ 18 to 24 homeless and clueless now have the UA and US spending 1.2 million to make sure they are successful at what? Having sex? That seems to be the big thing right – different sex is the root of all for them? Make it worthy… of what? Normal? Now you can have a successful life.. ? Or is it “now” even you too can have a successful life?

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