Tucson Medical Center Funding “Yes on Pima County Bonds”

“Paid for by Yes on Pima County Bonds. Major funding provided by Tucson Medical Center, Campus Research Corporation, and Diamond Ventures, Inc.”

That’s the new tag on every page of the Yes on Pima Bonds website.  The Avra Valley Coalition earlier sent you information on the connections between Diamond Ventures and other big business interests who support the Pima Bonds to be voted on November 3.

Now Tucson Medical Center and University of Arizona’s Campus Research Corporation have also become “major” funders of the Yes campaign.  Both organizations may be jeopardizing their 501(c)(3) non-profit status by engaging in this lobbying activity.

IRS rules say:    “An organization will be regarded as attempting to influence legislation if it contacts, or urges the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative body for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation, or if the organization advocates the adoption or rejection of legislation.

“Under the substantial part test, an organization that conducts excessive lobbying in any taxable year may lose its tax-exempt status, resulting in all of its income being subject to tax. In addition, section 501(c)(3) organizations that lose their tax-exempt status due to excessive lobbying, other than churches and private foundations, are subject to an excise tax equal to five percent of their lobbying expenditures for the year in which they cease to qualify for exemption.

“Further, a tax equal to five percent of the lobbying expenditures for the year may be imposed against organization managers, jointly and severally, who agree to the making of such expenditures knowing that the expenditures would likely result in the loss of tax-exempt status.”

As 501(c)(3) non-profits, and not private foundations, both organizations are exempt from paying taxes despite high income and executive salaries some might call lavish.  TMC and CRC are using tax-exempt dollars for their Yes campaign.  The public services they are not paying for are paid by hard-working taxpayers.  In effect, taxpayers are subsidizing the campaign against their own best interests, and without their knowledge or consent.

It’s more cynical manipulation and lousy politics by people who should know better.  Vote No on Pima Bonds.

Albert Lannon

Avra Valley Coalition


  1. The tax payers have no reason to believe that the Pima County Board of Supervisor & the County Administrator will actually follow the proposed bond projects since they have not followed through on the prior bond projects. We need affordable housing not more taxes for the county to administration to play with.

  2. “No bonds for Chuck. Period”

    Share this message with all your friends and anytime someone tries to convince you to support them.

  3. Ray Carroll is just plain sickening. He will do anything to get reelected. People in GV don’t know the truth about him because nothing is in the news other than what he puts there. We’re trying to educate people down here. If people are voting for him because of his good looks that only means they have lost their eye sight. He’s total revulsion. Everything that comes out of his mouth is self serving and probably a lie.
    We’re going to work hard to educate people and get Marla Closen elected in the primaries. It’s way past time for Ray to go. Bye Bye.

  4. H E L L O, they gave huge donation to Bind to approve new Dog Hilton / Animal Control Center. They ignored my plea to help Homeless CHILDREN over animals.

    They are using you money and mine gained by ppl hardships as result of medical issues. Shameful.

    They are bought and paid for like Carroll, Elias, Bronson and Valadez. No surprise is there?

    One chance in 15 short months to end this mess, Vite these corrupt folks out!!

    I head a disturbing comments last week, the good ppl of Green Valley that many of our Senior Ladies support Ray because he ” good looking “. Really so now we know how elections are won..

    • Look at the bond projects. He took care of Green Valley and his Tucson Country Club Estates neighborhood. Over $10M just in those two areas. That’s why they vote for him. Once again we southeast siders were ignored by Ray Carroll and we are working toward replacing him next year. Hopefully we can get it done.

  5. One big problem her jd is that the uninformed “lazy asses” don’t bother to read these stories and most certainly have no interest in our comments. Most don’t correlate the fact that men and women have fought and died for their ‘responsibility’ to vote. It is no longer an American privilege because it has been handed out as a free option for illegal aliens along with drivers licenses that most don’t even need to show to vote. The story here is clear on what should be the consequences of what is being done here. What isn’t being mentioned are the loopholes allowed and ignored by government when it benefits their agenda.

    • Yup, money talks and BS walks. Now its just in your face all the time. Like I know its illegal but what are you going to do about it. Nothing……as usual.

  6. Let me see here now, for profit corporations urging taxpayers to vote to get screwed once again stand to gain from taxpayer monies. How quaint. Tell them what a good deal it is for them and then take their money and give them NOTHING but more bills. Seems about right to me. Get off your lazy asses on November and vote against this POS BILLION dollar bond package. Pima County already has enough bond debt and its property tax rate is the highest in the state. You want to give them more. I got a hot tip, how about electing a different BOS and watch our tax rate go down and Huckelberry get fired. Now that would be a change I could live with. Vote for Gods sake.

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