Sue Krentz: “It’s all Irrelative Until It Is Your Relative”

In response to compelling testimony offered by panelists at the “Calling Washington Home to the Border” event in Animas New, Mexico, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) called for more security along the border in the Bootheel region in southwest New Mexico. The change of heart by Heinrich was most assuredly based in part by the heartbreaking speech delivered by Sue Krentz.

Sue Krentz is the widow of rancher Rob Krentz, who was murdered by an illegal alien. Sue and her son Frank addressed the topic: It’s all Irrelative Until It Is Your Relative.

Sue, a petite woman, spoke of living in constant fear and how life has changed for border ranchers. “We all lock our doors and our cars and with the expectation to finding them safe and secure. Your expectation is the same – that safety exists. The extended property line between you and your neighbor; both of you agree to respect each other’s property by ringing the doorbell and requesting permission to enter. The expectation continues when you travel away from home and go to a hotel room; when you expect your belongings to remain safe and secure. Safety and security are defined by the lines of specific points of entry – such as a parking space, property lines, and room keys. These defined lines include borders between cities and counties and states and countries.”

Listen to rancher Peggy Davis discuss the “Calling Washington Home to the Border” here

“If America was no different than any other country, we would not experience the relentless push to enter our country from all parts of the world. We have been generous by providing aid to other countries, and by establishing a legal way to enter our country. Each of us expects to have a passport when we go to France,” stated Krentz, referring to the fact that those who are crossing the southern border now have virtually no documentation.

“We expect our leaders to protect our nation and the citizens,” continued Krentz. “All citizens support the government by paying taxes for protection and services. The phrase ‘protect and serve’ is painted on police cars. Safety and security is necessary to provide protection from potential threats, which are not limited to property, but also include animal welfare, crops, and health. All criminal activity threatens the safety of our society.”

Quoting Ronald Reagan, Krentz said, “’We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the law breaker.’ It is time to restore the American precept that each American is responsible for their actions.”

Many of those who were involved in her husband’s death have either not been caught or put to justice for their crime. Not only that; but the number of men of working age crossing illegally into the country continues to expand, according to Krentz. She believes, as do others, that many of the border crossers have come to “disrupt and destroy this society that has done nothing but given them a place to live safely.”

Sue described the frustration of families living along the border. “We asked for help, and no one came. We requested a secure border and were told security was not to be expected. When we asked for safety, we were described as racist.”

“Border families have learned we cannot expect security. Our lives are at risk every day. We seem to be expendable and so too – our loved ones. When you have lost a family member to diseases or natural causes you have closure. When you lose that person by a violent act; to murder – it tears away a part of you. You remain injured and isolated. You cannot heal as the wound is raw with each report of the same criminal behavior. If you protest you face ridicule and are told to get over it. Which is impossible. You learn that you must live with this painful life lost through silent suffering.”

“The senseless murder of Kate Steinle, Brian Terry and Rob Krentz made us realize that everything is different. The tragedy has changed our lives and the histories of our families forever. Secure the border for your family, and my family, and our community and our country. We are demanding the right to live free and safe – on our own land – and in our own homes.”

Sue received a sustained standing ovation.

Check back tomorrow to hear from Frank Krentz on “We Have Become Resilient.” Part of our continuing coverage of the “Calling Washington Home to the Border” event held on March 10, in Animus, New Mexico.

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