Arizona RNC Committeeman Calls For Trump Operatives To Be Shot In The Head

Arizona RNC Committeeman Calls For Trump Operatives To Be Shot In The Head -- Bruce Ash, Arizona’s RNC Committeeman, who stunned Republicans two years ago with a call for violence against conservative radio talker James T. Harris, has now called for presidential candidate Donald Trump’s top campaign staff to be shot execution style.

Bruce Ash, Arizona’s RNC Committeeman, who stunned Republicans two years ago with a call for violence against conservative radio talker James T. Harris, has now called for presidential candidate Donald Trump’s top campaign staff to be shot execution style.

Harris tweeted after the threat: “AZRNC Committeeman Bruce Ash calls for “execution” of Donald Trump staff on radio! #don’tkneecapme.”

“This is not just on Prebius, this is on Trump also. The men that he was supposed to have in the RNC watching the chicken house weren’t watching the chicken house, and they oughta be taken in back of that shed and shot in the back of the head execution style because they fell down on their duty and let this happen,” stated Ash.

Ash was clearly upset when he spoke on Saturday afternoon. He was blasting Reince Prebius’ decision to appoint former Congresswoman Enid Mickelsen to chair convention the Rules Committee. Ash said that Trump’s top men Ed Brookhover, Paul Manafort, and Corey Lewandowski were “asleep at the switch.”

Ash admitted that Trump was not his “first, second, or third choice.”

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“You would think by now the Republican Party would learn that if they don’t stop a cancer in its tracks it will grow. Ash is a cancer that has grown across Arizona and now is metastasizing. Bruce Ash’s rhetoric has brought havoc to southern Arizona candidates, and now is spreading hate, and division on a national level,” stated Harris.

According to The Hill, “The party’s rules currently bind delegates to the results of their state elections on at least the first ballot, a rule that would ensure Donald Trump is named the party’s nominee. But there has been repeated speculation that the rules committee could be used to take the nomination from him.”

Ash, who serves on the Rules Committee for the RNC, complained bitterly on air about Prebius before he called for the “executions.” In southern Arizona, Ash has pretended to be a friend to conservatives while regularly working with democrats and members of the Republican establishment to undermine them. Saturday’s rant appeared to be a typical Ash move; using bravado and ugly rhetoric to embarrass the very party he claims to support.

Ash has been working towards replacing Prebius with someone of his liking after the convention, and to that end he is selling himself as a grassroots Trump supporters’ champion. Ash and his cabal do not support Trump, but according to sources, the money flowing to them – should they succeed – is what counts.


In 2014, on the same radio show, Ash called Harris to be “kneecapped” because he did not support the establishment candidate; now Congresswoman Martha McSally, in her run for Arizona Congressional District 2. Harris had supported the grassroots candidate, Chief Master Sergeant Chuck Wooten.

One GOP insider, who wants to remain anonymous, stated: “If you look at Trump’s team in Arizona it isn’t hard to imagine that leadership screwed up. The group he has here is a joke. With the exception of DeWit, the rest is every operative who could not get on any other campaign.”

Whether or not Ash was right, and Trump’s team failed, it is hard to imagine that their actions or lack thereof warrant the death penalty.

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  1. shot in the back of the head was NKVD jews’ favorite method. Using this retail procedure they murdered 10k Polish officers in Katyn, early 1940

  2. ANYONE in Tucson doing business with; considering doing business with; having ANY connection to Bruce Ash or his company Paul Ash Management Co LLC should EXIT, STAGE LEFT, IMMEDIATELY.

  3. this is pretty disgusting and the man should be removed from any position. Trump is not a politician which I thought many people did not want anymore but I guess they do not want change. So sad if Hillary gets in our country is gone with 4 more years of Obamas crap. I care but sounds like many do not. Sad what we have become.

  4. Uh…isn’t this a form of voter intimidation? Sounds very much like a threat from someone who is afraid of losing their position in the oligarchy now running our country.

  5. Sorry Bruce but these aren’t Republican values. You may be hurting the party worse than the party hurt itself. Let’s give Trump a go. Nobody wanted another Bush. How blind of the party to try pass him off on us.

  6. When Ally Miller was first elected to the Pima County BOS, Bruce Ash immediately and continually has attempted to recruit someone to oppose her either in the GOP Primary or even Democrats to oppose her in the General Election. He is a backbiting, undercover operative for the long time political elite and special interests that have made Pima Cnty. a poverty stricken county and one of the most dysfunctional governments in the US. This is mainly for his and his special interest cronies benefit. To hell with the citizens, is his mantra.

    It is almost unfathomable that he is the Republican National Committeeman for Arizona. He doesn’t represent true GOP values but only his own interest and a small group that support him. Hopefully after this coming Nov. election the Republicans will wake up and throw he and his ilk out of power and they will land on the trash heap of past despicable politicians where they belong.

    It is

  7. Bruce Asshat had better be removed from the republican party, If the AZ RP wants to win any seats in the upcoming election, this crap needs to stop, we should be pulling together at this time.

  8. A terrorist is just a terrorist… Bruce Ash too!
    All the more reason it is Trump all the way!

  9. People need to call the AZ RNC and demand this moron be kicked off. The number for the RNC is 1-602-957-7770

  10. Wow, what a story to start the day with Happy Fathers’s Day. It is amazing TRUMP gets dinged for “encouraging Violence” for saying he will pay for legal fees if some one has to defend themselves against Bernie and Hillary Thugs.

    And then right here in Tucson we have a National RNC official calling for Murder and Mob style kneecapping. Between Hillary skating on her crimes ant this clown we can hardly call ourselves a nation of Laws.

    Train wreck hardly describes this wacko and the state of the nation.

  11. This old fool needs to be kicked out the door on his fat ash, and don’t let the door hit him in his ash or big mouth in the way out.
    Ahh I can hear the foot steps of even more fed up republicans heading out the door on this stupid disfunctioning group over to the independents.

    What a train wreck

  12. Aww, we all know those in power,however small it might be, get off easy or not arrested at all. Arrests are for the little people like you and me. That is why we must bring the govt. terror machine down and replace it as many times as it takes. Vote them out, one by one year after year until we have swept all the garbage out into the street. These people have no regard for human life, whether by death, or ruining some ones life, by financial means or reputation.
    Vote them out! Trump 2016 or we are all going down the tubes.

  13. I got a year probation for Yelling at an Answering MACHINE about a lawyer Not doing her Job. Pleading for her to do so.. HOW MUCH Should one of Power Get for asking for a Murder ????

  14. Sheriff NANOS– Assassination threats on PUBLIC AIRWAYS Perhaps Puppet master Needs Time OUT .. and that’s what I believe

  15. forgot, IS this NOT A THREAT to a candidate and needs to be reported and investigated by the secret service or some law group in the fed gov’t? Not a direct threat to trump but an IMPLIED one which is all it is supposed to take to get someone in trouble.

  16. And the gop in az (if there is one) does not mean maricopa co only. They wonder why ther is such a run for trump when idiots like this guy open their mouths to show how stupid they are. They ARE wanting a hitlery win as was in an article a few weeks back as a way to ELIMINATE conservatives or moderates who do not cowtow to their ‘party’ line!

    I do not send $$ nor does anyone I know to either the RNC or the az part of it. Mainly I dont because I dont think there is a GOP in AZ, I think there are bunch of self serving idiots claiming to be but thts about it. Out with all of them starting with this guy then mclame, mcflake, mcsally on down the lien.

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