KOLD Reporter Som Lisaius, Wife Charged With Child Abuse

KOLD Reporter Som Lisaius, Wife Charged With Child Abuse -- Former KOLD Reporter Som Lisaius, age 42, and his 26 year old wife Krystin Rae Lisaius have been arrested for child abuse after their four month-old baby was found to have
Som Lisaius last KOLD tweet 

Former KOLD Reporter Som Lisaius, age 42, and his 26 year old wife Krystin Rae Lisaius have been arrested for child abuse after their four month-old baby was found to have cocaine in its system. The baby received the cocaine through the mother’s breast milk.

The incident happened in May, and the station quietly removed Lisaius from the airwaves.

Read the police report here

The baby was initially taken to Oro Valley Hospital on May 15, for being “lethargic and not eating normally.” According to the police report, hospital staff described the couple as uncooperative. They refused to have the baby tested at the Oro Valley hospital and they took the baby to Banner Hospital.

On May 16, 2016, the Oro Valley Police Department (OVPD) responded to Banner University Medical Center in reference to a four month-old baby that had cocaine in their system. Hospital staff contacted police after the infant tested positive for drugs.

The mother had consumed the cocaine 12 hours prior to feeding the baby. She and Som consumed cocaine at their home with a friend after attending a friend’s child’s birthday party. Krystin Lisaius worked at KGUN-TV.

Through a search warrant, police found:

1JD Hilton Honor’s card in the name of Krystin Sorich with white residue on it.(2) 1” baggies with marijuana leaf print with white residue, (1) 1” baggie with marijuana leaf print on it with small amount of white powder (below threshold amount)

1JD-1 Clear baggie containing white powder substance (Cocaine) The approximate weight was 1.59 grams w/o packaging which is usable quantity.

1JD-2 1” baggies with marijuana leaf print with white powder substance (Cocaine). The approximate weight was .1 grams w/o packaging which is usable quantity.

2ZY- Tiffany Jewelry Box with rolled up dollar bill with white residue inside and Safeway Club card with white residue on it.

2ZY- Baggie containing a white powder substance removed from #2ZY. The approximate weight was .21 grams w/o packaging which is usable quantity.

On June 9, 2016, the parents were indicted on the following charges: possession of a dangerous drug (F4), drug paraphernalia (F6) and child abuse (F3).


  1. You need some religion in your life, smartest pants,so that “your heart” isn’t so COLD!!! From:Preacher Kennedy

  2. Hollywood will be calling for a movie deal,God will be calling to “Repent” which will you accept??? From preacher Kennedy.

    • Give it a rest! Take your preaching elsewhere. Why don’t you contact him directly instead of abusing all of us with your religious crap?

  3. This is not the Som I knew at all. I met him back in 2000 when we worked together. He was just trying to get started in the media field here. I feel shocked, disgusted, and betrayed by his and his wife’s actions. Addictions are terrible, as they even turn intelligent, educated, and reasonable people into menaces in our society. Get help Som. Not only did you hurt your child and your family; you also hurt all your friends that have supported you over the years.

  4. People his name is Som, not Sol. Just because she is a pretty blonde is not cause enough to call her a bimbo. They have gone from being stalwart members of society to being criminals, that is what they are. They lost their child and their jobs. They are now facing jail time. They got what was coming to them for their actions, and it’s not over for them yet.
    Fortunately, the child is now safe, and that is what is most important.

    • She has PROVEN herself to be a bimbo! She stated that she thought it was SAFE for her to breastfeed after using coke — after all, she waited 12 whole hours!!!

      You morons seem to be not GETTING that the baby’s HAIR tested positive for coke! It takes a LONG time for tox drugs to build up in HAIR, so it is very likely that this poor infant has been getting coke her entire life. BTW, the baby’s hair level was 21,000+ pg, which is THREE times that of Som’s level. (What the HELL kind of name is “Somchai” anyway?)

      These two are SLEAZEBAGS! It’s too bad that they did NOT get what they deserved!!

  5. Mike,where is your grace? Of course, God will forgive them,God is Love,Please remember this Mickie..

  6. Preacher Leon, are you out of your mind!!!! Give me a break would God forgive them if they would have killed their baby!!! And hell yes they should lose their jobs and go to prison as well..

  7. Som and Krystin should have been discipline or reprimand,not fired from their jobs…

  8. Som,you can call me anything, at 520-465-0489,and we can talk about how much God loves you and forgives you,love is forgiveness.

  9. Som, you are a professional, we all makes mistakes, I apologize to you for seeing your shame!! Please let this be a learning experience for you and your beautiful wife.Please stay strong, God is trying to tell you something, which is,”change your lifestyle, and get save”.
    Repent of sins,confess Christ,and be Baptist into Jesus,please!!

  10. yo(me)Bet DCS Department of Child Safety new policies will keep the child with daily parenteral contact, (A) rich attorney (B) race is the issues. Other race, your child is kidnapped and put through an unjust system that is call crib to prison.

  11. Speaking of Pima County justice, how about those judicial ratings just published in another section of the ADI today. I was floored to see some of the most egregious judicial offenders on the ‘recommended list’.. . . Gus Aragon, for one.

    Add Judge Lee to the above; see his recent sentence for the illegal home invader. Appalling!

  12. what comes in mommies milk I’m sure its a long list of many a mom – that they caught this minor celeb – good – for the kid, for the parent. That they both have substance abuse issues, probably will be taking a lot more of their time and attention now that there are legal issues attached to this marriage made in the back room.. or is it the bathroom with a mirror. Ok done – wish all well, especially the child, it’s not their fault – they are just stuck in life with this pair.

  13. HEY SOM,,Here’s a strategy so No one goes to Jail…
    Get Divorced and Hire Nancy ONeil. she can make drugs and jail go away.
    2009 August, my 12 yr old daughter was unable to be awakened after TPD called CPS to assist. My daughter told me “I could Hear them(TPD/CPS) talking, but I could Not Move” (see Rohypnol)NO ONE took Her To the ER for EVALUATION. Mother gave the girls 8+12 something to help them sleep while she went out.
    The Children were not removed to my house but left with mother as if Nothing Happened. CPS Closed the Case in 14 days Because “”I was A Concerned Parent””
    Bibbins is Now a Family Law Judge.Nancy has Now partnered with Muther’s New Lawyer (and Family Law Judge) Lenore Tsakananakus

  14. Funny, he was the station’s CRIME reporter. CPS should step in for the child’s welfare. I have NO FAITH in our local TV Reporters on any station.

  15. They disgust me. TV personalities are automatically respected when they don’t deserve it. Throw the book at them.

  16. Good job Banner Health! Very poor choices, Som, Krystin. At least they took their child to the hospital. Get clean, parents. Get help.

  17. I don’t have to say anything, people have expressed my sentiments exactly. Karma is a bitch Sol, remember all the sex offender reporting you did?

  18. Ah, yes, the millenials strike again. All about them and their safe spaces. Shame their parents couldn’t have taught them parenting skills but I guess they were too busy telling them what a great job they were doing while getting all of those participation trophies and ribbons. Life is a cruel master isn’t it Som? Especially if you are young and stupid.

  19. How sad, people please give then a break it only shows how human they are , they got caught up in this shity world . They both had great jobs and have lost it all . All for a high that got them no where . I want them to know that i will pray for them all. I hope this is a lesson well learned and they should be thankful that the baby didnt die and that they are not in jail. We are no only to judge . I wish them well . I know its not a good example to there fans it is a shame but remember that our Lord loves you and things happen for a reason, this could have been in your books of life to help you out of what darkness you were in .

  20. To hear their lawyer spin it, it’s a funny little story they’ll all be laughing about in the years to come…
    “It would be a gross, gross injustice (with) even the mention of prison time,” said Michael Piccarreta, the couple’s attorney. “I anticipate they will demonstrate that they have learned a very hard, embarrassing lesson and that this will become a footnote in their life, not a chapter.”
    If that’s truly their take on this , they haven’t learned a darned thing.
    They put themselves first by regularly doing drugs, drugging their infant through her nourishment, refusing blood draws and tests for her at 2 different hospitals, thereby delaying their child’s proper medical care for a cocaine overdose. Maybe if they had acted like adults and responsible parents, they both wouldn’t be out of work, without healthcare, facing multiple felony charges and now having to face caring for a sick baby with no income and no lavish lifestyle. It’s going to be hard for either of them to find work anywhere but small markets (if at all) with felonies and possible jail time hanging over their heads.
    “Reporting from Rugby, North Dakota, this is Som Lisaius, WFML”.

    • DrTom, that is a lot like saying abortion should be the woman’s choice. There are victims. They get no choice?

  21. Mr holier than thou .. Crime fighting journalist. What a joke .. Hypocrit ,liar , junkie ,loser better than all,empty, shallow , lost. Karma is a bitch motherfucker

    • Gee Sol, why don’t you say what you really think? LOL I thought it was funny that Som is reporting on crime while he’s doing junk when he gets home or whenever. Oops. So stupid to run the baby from one hospital to another hoping to get away with anyone finding out what really happened. Idiots.

    • Chuck is getting a Doctorate and may be fighting an ailment. At least I believe that’s the case. Very nice person.

  22. I like how they said that KOLD quietly removed him from the airwaves and KVOA never mentioned that he was a reporter on their newscast; ( I may have missed that part). They take care of their own except when they want to go after someone like they did that woman reporter who was caught shoplifting. Their lawyer was trying to do damage control and failing miserably. What idiot breastfeeds while doing cocaine? The husband wanted a sweet young piece and he got half of a brain bimbo who endangered his child; which makes him just as bad. What a man. Being on T.V. must have made him feel invincible, but in reality – he is no better than the neighborhood street junkie. I wish that Chuck George would come back to the airwaves; at least he is a man and faced his issues with grace and dignity. Now that is how a man handles his business.

  23. I know him, have seen him numerous times in a local bar, he is a pig, comes in without his wedding band and tries to screw all that walks, my husband wanted to smash him

  24. In the long run the consequences of drug laws will probably harm these 3 people’s lives far more than the coke they snorted.

    • I am glad they will and should be punished. These two are journalists and should know better because they “report the news”. They know “drugs ruin lives”. They endangered their child.
      As for the child, probably better off. I’ve known many kids taken from drug parents and grow up with grandparents, happy successful and thankful. So two lives ruined, not three. But being in the media they will not lose that child and a slap on the wrist is the worst they will get,unlike your regular joe & jane.

  25. What has happened to the quality of journalism? It’s on display in Tucson. This is disgusting.

  26. Damn! I thought appearances were indicative of behavior. This guy was a little “light in the loafers” but——–Any way, poor kid. If these people are guilty they need to be neutered, then hanged. Yeah the bimbo chick also.

    • You don’t know these people Bill. They just had everything taken from them because of 1 bad mistake. I’m sure your perfect tho guy. Bimbo?? You probably have never been laid.

      • Damn, will, I for one am glad they had everything taken from them and Sol’s wife must be a real bimbo for breast feeding while doing lines of blo. SSDD here giving the poor little millenial’s a break for being absolutely stupid. Yea, lets ease up on them, they lost everything. Did you ever think that they got what they deserved??? How about the baby?? Drugs are a victimless crime, right?? Wrong. May they both do some jail time for what they did to their child and Sol, don’t drop the soap pretty boy…..

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