Flake In-Laws Get 23 Days Jail For Death Of 23 Dogs

As expected, a settlement agreement was entered into this week with in-laws of Sen. Jeff Flake’s son. Jesse Todd Hughes and Maleisa Maurine Hughes, owners of the Green Acres Boarding facility in Mesa for the death of 23 dogs left in their care. The pleas were issued following consultation with and agreement by the victims.

The defendants each pled guilty to one count of facilitation to commit fraudulent schemes and artifices, and one count of cruelty to animals, both Class 6 felonies. They will both serve 23 days in jail without the possibility of work release, work furlough, home detention or compliance monitoring. Additional terms stipulate that the defendants:
•shall not acquire any new animals;
•shall not operate or work at any boarding facility for animals;
•shall perform at least 230 hours of community restitution;
•shall not comment, discuss and/or post about this case on social media;
•shall write a letter of apology to be read in court for the victims and the public. Acceptance of plea shall be deferred for Victims’ Rights.

On June 21, 2014, 23 dead or injured dogs were discovered at Green Acre Boarding near Greenfield and Queen Creek Roads in Gilbert. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation and submitted their findings to the County Attorney’s Office on August 27, 2014. On October 13, 2014, a Grand Jury charged Jesse and Maleisa Hughes with one count of fraud and multiple counts of animal cruelty. On December 22, 2014, prosecutors announced the dismissal without prejudice of the animal cruelty counts, but left the fraud count. Charges were reinstated on May 6, 2015 after additional evidence was reviewed.

Sentencing is scheduled for September 9, 2016.

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  1. RIDICULOUS- 60 DAYS for what ALL they did??!! Irresponsible, abusive, neglectful, & KNOWINGLY tried to cover it up, too??!! That’s ALL the time they get? So they’re saying EACH DOG’S LIKE was only valued at 2 Days?? That’s what it means! My dogs are like my children- but I guess I worry about them more because they have no voice..THIS the the prime reason I sit at home, I’m scared what will happen if I have to leave them anywhere. I have a feeling his OR her punishment is not over by a long shot!! Hard to believe all the animal lovers in this area & that’s all they get, MOST DEFINITELY due to their little relative..it’s a disgrace!!!

  2. They are no worse than Jeff Flake, whose only allegiance is to the elites in the donor class. Hopefully Arizonans will retire McCain this year and Flake in 2018.

  3. It pays to be connected. When have the Clintons had to pay for anything they’ve done? Remember John McCain & his Keating 5? He should have been ousted then.

  4. Sometimes you just can’t help who your relatives are. I just wonder if they were not connected to Flake; would they have gotten off as easy as they did?

    • crammed in a HOT 9′ X 12′ ROOM with TONS of Dogs in the SUMMERTIME- AFTER advertising Free-Range, No Kennel, “Disneyland for Dogs” style environment- soon as the owners would leave- they;d cram them in a TINY ROOM with Tons of other dogs. Even the dogs that were dropped off after the others were there never saw them- they were in a small, secret room that was NOT shown during the initial meeting. I don’t care if the A/C went out or NOT- they should never have even been in there, because that is not where they told the owners they’d be kept. Just SORRY & LAZY- you can tell by looking that she OBVIOUSLY did not like “exercise”- so it was easier for that cow like that. I can tell you right now- had that been MY dogs- this would have ended MUCH differently..

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