Pima County Deputy Chief Radtke Asks Court For Delay

He was supposed to accept a plea agreement today, but Pima County Sheriff Chief Deputy Chris Radtke’s attorney filed a request for a delay. Radtke’s attorney Sean Chapman asked the Court for an order continuing the plea deadline and trial for not less than 60 days.

Radtke was indicted in October for the misuse of RICO funds.

Upon learning of the request for a delay, Kevin Kubitskey, chairman of the Pima County Deputy Sheriff’s Association stated, “Christopher Radtke’s lawyer asking for a delay in regards to the plea agreement, it is more of the same and transparent. They are attempting to hide what is in the plea agreement until after the election in hopes of a victory for Sheriff Nanos.”

Radtke was charged on 7 counts related to the misuse of RICO funds. In the indictment, “known and unknown” conspirators are referred to in relation to a left of funds of approximately $500,000.

According to the indictment, the alleged misuse of funds began in 2011 while the Department was under the leadership of Clarence Dupnik. Sheriff Department sources say Dupnik has been addled the last few years he was in office. Although he had already left the Department in the care of Nanos and Richard Kastigar, Dupnik held onto the office long enough to avoid a special election for his replacement. As the ADI reported earlier, during the 2012 election, Dupnik denied the suspicions by his staff that he had no intention of completing his term.

In January 2014, Dupnik officially named Nanos as his Chief Deputy, Nanos had been responsible for the overall management of the Department. Dupnik argued that Nanos’s appointment would “ensure continuity and stability in the organization as we go through this period of leadership transition,” hinting at his retirement.

Dupnik said that he hoped the Pima County Supervisors would name Nanos as his replacement, and by a 4 to 1 vote, the supervisors did just that. Only Supervisor Ally Miller voted against the Nanos appointment. She did so because she questioned the entire process and the fact that it disenfranchised the voters.

At the time of his appointment, many believed that it was imperative that Nanos or some other Dupnik administration operative fill Dupnik’s shoes in order to ensure that the department’s notorious corruption not be exposed.

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  1. Another last ditch effort to save a sinking ship, guess all of the rats haven’t made it off yet.
    The judge should postpone until next Wednesday, problem solved.
    Even life long die-hard liberals are having a hard time drinking this much Kool-aid…


  2. Are delays and extensions given to tamper with election outcomes, or would those create additional charges?

  3. All Americans are afforded due process. But Voters can issue out Justice that the Courts can not.

    Let’s Vote Nanos, Elias, La Wall,Bronson and most of the incumbents out of office. Then the County ( you & me ) will not have to pay for defensive.

    So before the next Court appearances let’s US dish out Justice.

  4. Presumably the court did not give Radke an unreasonable time limit w/i which to accept or reject a plea agreement so, absent a compelling reason for an extension of the deadline, it is safe to assume that Radke is hoping to “play” the voters for the benefit of his partner in corruption of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Nanos. It is shaping up as a close election, so keeping as many of the facts out of the public domain surrounding the criminal misuse of RICO funds at the Sheriff`s Department, if only until the Judge makes a decision to deny the extension request, may well make a meaningful difference in the outcome of the election to Nanos`benefit. It is not unreasonable for voters to come to this conclusion and add this to the list of risks associated with an election of Nanos who, frankly, in any objective analysis, should not even be considered for election to the powerful Office of Sheriff of Pima County. Even without more regarding the criminal misuse of RICO funds, Nanos clearly fails the character test for this critical office

  5. It’s time for all of this to go away and for a new sheriff to rebuild the credibility of the sheriffs department. Radtke needs to hide away somewhere. The other cronies all need to leave. And a new sheriff needs to take over and bring back the sheriffs department to the proud organization it once was before certain individuals brought it down. The rank-and-file are tired of being embarrassed by the senior command and his cronies of this department.

  6. ADI, please continue to investigate this corruption beyond 2011. You’ll be surprised at what you find. This didn’t just start when Dupnik started stepping back in his job. The paper trail should be easy.

  7. Heaney, Kastigar, North, Coultas, get ready to be unemployed and look for a job on your own merits instead of given to you for sucking up. This alone would save over 1/2 million out of the budget with no impact to the mission.

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