Radtke To Change Plea, Sentencing Hearing Set For Friday

Chris Radtke

On Monday, attorneys for former Pima County Sheriff Chief Deputy Chris Radtke filed a Notice Of Hearing in which he advised the court that he was changing his plea. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled and will be heard on Friday, February 10, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. before the Judge Eric Markovich.

Radtke had previously filed notice that he would be offering a “Public Authority Defense.”

Radtke’s attorney, Sean Chapman, argued then that “Radtke was acting as an employee of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, acting within the lawful scope and authority of his employment on behalf of and in the interests of his employer (Pima County Sheriff’s Department).” [Read Notice Here]

Radtke was indicted in October for the misuse of RICO funds.

While some speculate that Radtke’s latest move suggests that he will roll on the others with whom he is accused of conspiring to misuse RICO funds, others report that Radtke will likely plead to misdemeanor charges.

According to the indictment against Radtke, the alleged misuse of funds began in 2011 while the Department was under the leadership of Clarence Dupnik. In January 2014, Dupnik officially named Nanos as his Chief Deputy, Nanos had been responsible for the overall management of the Department. Dupnik argued that Nanos’s appointment would “ensure continuity and stability in the organization as we go through this period of leadership transition,” hinting at his retirement.

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