Radtke To Change Plea, Sentencing Hearing Set For Friday

Chris Radtke

On Monday, attorneys for former Pima County Sheriff Chief Deputy Chris Radtke filed a Notice Of Hearing in which he advised the court that he was changing his plea. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled and will be heard on Friday, February 10, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. before the Judge Eric Markovich.

Radtke had previously filed notice that he would be offering a “Public Authority Defense.”

Radtke’s attorney, Sean Chapman, argued then that “Radtke was acting as an employee of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, acting within the lawful scope and authority of his employment on behalf of and in the interests of his employer (Pima County Sheriff’s Department).” [Read Notice Here]

Radtke was indicted in October for the misuse of RICO funds.

While some speculate that Radtke’s latest move suggests that he will roll on the others with whom he is accused of conspiring to misuse RICO funds, others report that Radtke will likely plead to misdemeanor charges.

According to the indictment against Radtke, the alleged misuse of funds began in 2011 while the Department was under the leadership of Clarence Dupnik. In January 2014, Dupnik officially named Nanos as his Chief Deputy, Nanos had been responsible for the overall management of the Department. Dupnik argued that Nanos’s appointment would “ensure continuity and stability in the organization as we go through this period of leadership transition,” hinting at his retirement.

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  1. Shocker…took plea on three counts of theft of government property…fat jerk will keep his very much undeserved pension….all I can say is he better have given up is co-defendants for this sweet deal of a BS plea

  2. Did any of you actually read the documentation? Really? A microwave and chalk board? We spent how much $$ and time pursuing something that looks more like a personal vendetta. A guy tries to make the Department a better place for the employees and he gets screwed.

    • McPHee sounds like you are part of the gang. Unfortunately unless Radtke gave up a number of people to get his slap on the hand the Title on this article should be
      Public Corruption Apparently Condoned In Pima County.

  3. He best NOT walk away with a slap on his hand. He deserves a swift kick in the sac.
    Be a nice day to see his sorry a** sitting in a cell somewhere.
    A rotten turd his entire career. Praying his cohart Buddy Janes is next. That is another dirty douche that needs to be thrown in the trash.

    • Sounds like you’re pretty offended and hurt by it all. What’s your beef – I mean really – a microwave and stuff to help the employees? What a bunch of grown people acting like bratty children. I say you should show your face and tell your story or be quiet. It’s easy for you to hide and make these remarks.

  4. It is not obvious this originally was brought under the Atty Gen Off. With the AZ US Atty over the prosecution resulting from the investigation of the RICO funds. The Investigation the audit the prosecution the agreed to plea bargain. NOW a change in plea a bet that the new US Atty (whom that might be)won’t have time to put on Docket. Then this piece of work will ask for a speedy trial with a change of plea.
    Question 1 >> Where does our New Sheriff ride on this hopefully not into the Sunset as with past western lore and standards. With a Malibu mostly residing County Atty that’s gone like 5 star dining
    Question 2 >>> With all of the Democratic power being wielded her for the past 2 decades and the insulating bureaucratic employee cartel inforce. How was this possible for such a party stalwart and advocate against the republicans like Dupnik & Nano’s that prosecution was allowed to proceed? Could it be that the evidence uncovered was so overwhelming that prosecution was unavoidable.
    Question 3 >>> How many democratic power wielders knew about the pending investigation tried to intercede if any? Where is this with the AZ Atty Gen Asst. that was handling this case?

  5. The Nano’s/Radtke era is slowly coming to a close. A new sheriff with a new direction. Still a few overpaid cronies to get rid of and wipe the slate clean of Radtke and his cronies. Still former chief earning his six digit retirement and a six digit salary that needs to go. A few others as well that retired and were given jobs because of the relationship with Radtke or Gagnepain. Easy to spot them, they’re the ones who are earning a retirement and a high salary for not doing much of anything

  6. Kinda makes one long for the days of Sheriff Burr…NOT! Corruption has a long history in the upper echelons of PCSO!

  7. We should wait for the “roll over” on others results before he is sentenced. Let us see the fruits of his criminal acknowledgement.

  8. Money and power has a way of corrupting even in the highest levels.

    Should other Nanos, LaWall and Chuck who all had knowledge of these crimes also be bought ( little pun ) to justice? Hell yes substancially aggravated consequences are in order. Why should you ask? Because all these people MUST be held to a higher level of accountability. They have education , training and have full and complete knowledge that these wrongful acts were illegal.

    Heaven forbid if a regular person were to commit these crimes they be looking at long sentences incarcerated. Let’s see if this new Republican Lead USAG Office enforces the law against these Democrat elected folks.

  9. Radtke falls on his sword, and the Libs preserve their empire. This dishonorable man does not do justice to the many fine deputies within the department who continually serve the public and uphold the laws of Arizona.

  10. Dupnik is drawing his pension. Nanos is walking the streets a free man. Radtke gets a slap on the back of his hand. The sheriffs department is left with a budget deficit. And one man is in his grave. Yep. Pima county politics at its best. And the tax payer is screwed. Bahhahhahh. Time to line up for our annual shearing.

  11. The matrix of Pima county corruption will now extend into even the federal arena.
    After all there is justice and there is “just-us” and did we ever really suspect this case was ever going anywhere?
    In most cases a corrupt sworn police officer would be held to a higher standard. But this is Pima county, and in the end just-us will be served, Pima county style.


  12. “Open crime” with little or no consequence for Democrats, everyone else serve real time and go to jail.

  13. There will be no rolling on the others involved. The man has been made a deal that he can’t refuse. Most likely pay a fine and serve a short probation. The fine will be paid by the cronies and they will go on their merry way. Isn’t that the way it works here in Pima County while Nanos and the rest walk.

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