City Of Phoenix “Punted” On Sanctuary City Status

On Wednesday, the Phoenix City Council “punted” when it turned down a petition to adopt sanctuary status for immigrants. After hours of grandstanding, Mayor Greg Stanton formed an Ad Hoc Committee to consider the Sanctuary City issue.

“Phoenix will never be a Sanctuary City like Chicago, San Francisco and New York.  We have some of the toughest laws in the country as it relates to immigration enforcement.  Phoenix is currently one of the toughest in the nation and will continue to be so,” stated Counilman Sal DiCiccio. Once again, however, we see politicians doing what they do best – protecting their own political careers.”

“Instead of deciding this issue once and for all, they formed a committee to consider the Sanctuary City issue and come back in 30 days with ideas and recommendations,” continued DiCiccio in a statement released after the vote. “This is what politicians do when they want to punt an issue instead of taking a stand and delivering on their promises.

DiCiccio said the move would just give the public “more uncertainty. and gives them the impression that Phoenix still may become a Sanctuary City, when the truth is we follow the law and are one of the toughest on this issue.”

DiCiccio predicted that the “committee will not change the laws and we will NOT become a Sanctuary City. These same politicians may find some small nuggets to hand out, but I predict no real change will occur on the Sanctuary status of Phoenix.”

Councilwoman Laura Pastor, who was appointed to serve on the committee said she believed “that through this body we can engage the community and work together to make some real, substantive changes to our City’s policies that affect concerned residents.”

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