Huckelberry Asks Pima County Supervisors To Give American Airlines $100K Gift

No, it is not Christmas in Pima County

On Monday, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry issued a memo announcing that he has earmarked $100,000 in this year’s Contingency Reserve to be used for the purpose of covering a revenue guarantee made by the Tucson Metro Chamber to American Airlines.

Huckelberry is recommending that the Pima County Board of Supervisors approve the release of the $100,000 gift to the company due to the fact that already it incurred a $455,279 shortfall as of October 2016 for its part of a guarantee scheme cooked by “the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Bill Assenmacher as a member of the Tucson Airport Authority Board of Directors.”

Across Pima County on any given day, families can be found holding car washes to fund the funerals of their beloved, or setting up Gofundme accounts to cover unexpected medical costs while their taxes are used to take the sting out of doing business by big business.

For one supervisor, Huckelberry’s gift to a mega-corporation is unacceptable. Supervisor Ally Miller is not only worried that once again Huckelberry is violating Arizona’s Gift Clause, she disputes his claim that the scheme was “our community’s guarantee.” “This was a contract between the Tucson Metro Chamber and American Airlines” stated Miller. “This “agreement” to a bailout was never brought before the Board of Supervisors, but that won’t stop Chuck Huckelberry from using taxpayer monies to bail out his cronies at the Tucson Metro Chamber. Direct flights from Tucson to New York aren’t sustainable given the current economic climate in Pima County. This isn’t the first time this scenario has played out. While there never seems to be money for roads, subsidizing the special interests continues with taxpayer money.”

Just last week, Huckelberry advised Catalina residents that there was not enough money to repair their roads. He dismissed their concerns by writing that the road conditions in Catalina “ are similar to the road conditions of other local roads in the unincorporated area of Pima County.” He concluded that few additional road repairs are in the future. The majority of the Board will repeat Huckelberry’s argument that subsiding the flights for wealthy tourist coming from New York will benefit Pima County residents.

The supervisors will not add that the meager benefits that might trickle down will mostly take the form of tips to starving waiters and waitresses and masseuses at Canyon Ranch and Miraval.

American Airlines really doesn’t need a donation from Pima County taxpayers. The company made $7.6 billion in profits in 2015. But they did slip a bit last year, to only their second-best-ever net profit – $2.7 billion.

It is highly unlikely that the Board of Supervisors will deny Huckelberry’s request. So while the residents will continue to have bumpy rides on the pothole filled streets, it will be clear sailing for American Airline stockholders.

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  1. Chris Horquilla | April 18, 2017 at 12:28 am |

    Why doesn’t Huckleberry use the hard earned taxpayers’ dollars to fix our road?

    • The Oracle of Tucson | April 18, 2017 at 12:36 am |

      Because that would be expected and responsible, this is Pima county, surly you jest….


    • Fix our roads!

      I am not sure why this comparison was made:

      “Across Pima County on any given day, families can be found holding car washes to fund the funerals of their beloved, or setting up Gofundme accounts to cover unexpected medical costs while their taxes are used to take the sting out of doing business by big business.”

      I would have to believe that most of those are not paying as much in taxes as they are taking in benefits and services. Let’s stay focused on the facts.

  2. The Oracle of Tucson | April 18, 2017 at 12:34 am |

    Could be far worse, at least it’s not passenger ejecting United airlines getting our hard earned and easily squandered tax dollars through yet another example of Dingleberry’s back door criminal corruption.
    On a side note, United was just recently voted #1 in Chinese take out.
    Untied, where we treat every passenger like a king: Rodney King


  3. What, Again | April 18, 2017 at 4:31 am |

    $100,000 of your money is walking around money for King Huck. And someone has to subsidize Tucson liberals to visit their mecca, New York, to get their Hate Trump instructions because I’m quite sure there aren’t many New Yorkers lining up to visit the 5th poorest city in the country.

    • Albert Lannon | April 18, 2017 at 8:50 am |

      Hey What Again — Don’t blame us ex-New Yorkers who might at times be called “liberals” for a corrupt county administration put in place and kept in place by locals who often don’t get the facts due to the sycophant news media.

      And name-calling by people using fake names…well, how do we even know you are a real person yourself?

      • What, Again | April 18, 2017 at 11:53 am |

        Albert – I was born in New York. But Guv Cuomo says I’m no longer welcome there because I believe in the US Constitution. Tucson liberals are a rabid group, as far left and as radical as anywhere in the country and they have totally dominated both the city and county governments for twenty years. Dissension is NOT allowed. And as far as using a real name, I can guarantee you a rabid liberal will search out and harm those that disagree with them.

    • Edward Cizek | April 18, 2017 at 11:32 am |

      Please don’t paint over all Tucson liberals as supportive or complicit when it comes to wasteful giveaways to corporate cronies and other political supporters.

      I’ll speak only for myself, but while I’d like to see more money used to fund education and healthcare, I am about as tired as anyone when it comes to handouts to Worldview, Monsanto, American Airlines, Caterpillar, Raytheon, and others as anyone else is. I in fact just got back from the Board of Supervisors meeting to voice my opposition to the I-11 bypass project (aka. Huckelberry Highway) because it’s ecologically unsound and not the lowest-cost way to meet the additional capacity requirements, should that capacity be needed.

      Did I change Huckelberry’s or any of the Supervisors’ minds on I-11? Almost certainly not. Did I make sure they knew that there was at least one person paying attention to county dealings and opposing the proposed route? You bet I did.

      But this is just my view.

  4. Just one more example of what happens when the ignorant voters don’t vote for a change. They must love driving on crappy roads, paying the highest property taxes in the state, seeing their utility bills increase at an astounding rate, pay more for a new home because of connection fees that are a boon to the county to rip off the homebuyer. But then the no growth lobby and the Huckster just love them. Guess you haven’t had enough yet. Jackasses all. Pathetic. But what the hell, its only your money that is making the worthless Chamber look good. Yea, the Chamber could give a crap about the taxpayer too. Just glad they didn’t add a 0 or two to it.

    • Just goes to show you that People are morons until proven otherwise and we deal with live examples daily.

      My question is why hell did the Tucson Metro Chamber garauntee the $100 grand to American anyway? This is a company that makes money hand over fist and have no need for that extra $100K when we need the money more to go to things like our roads. Typical idiot politicians and their ignorant voters who will believe lie they say.

  5. It will be interesting to see how our newest member of the BOS (Board of Stamps)votes on the latest Gift from Santa Chuck.

    • Got a tip, bet he votes no, just like Carroll to give the appearance that he is against BS like this. He knows all involved and in order to save face will vote no because the Huckster already has his three syncopates to vote yes.

      • Missed my guess, he is in the Huckster’s pocket too. What a shame, 4-1 on every important vote as the taxpayer continues to get screwed.

  6. Why the hell doesn’t he pay it himself if he’s so concerned. He just recently stole another huge raise from our tax money while keeping that famous s#1t eating grin on his mug!! This should be pocket change for this so called “Public Servant”. If he’s a little tight he could just hit up the U of A! They give away money too. He wouldn’t even have to pay it back. They’ll just raise their tuition again!! Out of spite because he lost on the last bond issue he will NEVER allow for our roads to repaired. It’s called leverage.

  7. Richard Hernandez | April 18, 2017 at 6:07 am |

    Elections​ have consequences. This is what happens when you don’t support ( matter of fact complain bitterly) about candidates who wants end reign of terror.

    I suspect another 3 to 2 vote , imagine that.

  8. Paul Fitch | April 18, 2017 at 7:48 am |

    I would never throw out an unfounded accusation, but this smells so bad as to stagger the imagination. Of course, relative to the “gift” to World View, this hardly merits room in the ADI!

  9. Oh I’m sure the Huckster is looking to get a frequent flyer card with all the benefits from A/A. Hey lookie here at my card, I’m special, I’m the guy who gave you 100 grand, pamper me with first class seating and champagne if you don’t mind.

  10. Working Man Blues | April 18, 2017 at 8:42 am |

    Chucky is a special kind of stupid. Oh wait. Barney at the chamber is equally that stupid. And for good measure let’s throw in Little Johnny at the city. These three fools sit around debating how to screw the taxpayers.

    Pima County, CofT and TUSD are all racing to the bottom. Can you say “death spiral?”

  11. I wonder if this will show up in the Star or on the news?

    • Nah,(the red star complicit with the cot,tusd and bos) says, “we decide what you should know” hahha!

    • Working Man Blues | April 18, 2017 at 12:54 pm |

      The red star is bought and paid for by the same fools that are to blame for this problem. Don’t hold your breath that anything of news worthy material ever makes the star. They too are in the death spiral.

  12. Luke Abrams | April 18, 2017 at 11:24 am |

    Let`s make this illegal proposed gift of our money to American Airlines the last straw. It is time to end the Huckleberry/Grijalva puppets` stranglehold on Pima County`s purse strings`and our tax dollars. LET`S START THE RECALL OF BRONSON NOW and end the Huckleberry reign of Pima government corruption.
    We can start this process by defeating the Grijalva/Rothschild`s machine`s Tucson tax increase next month.

  13. Speaking of “gift clause” violations, anyone know the status of the Goldwater suit regarding World View. I know the judge ruled against Pima County but where is it now?

  14. Probably in Huckleberry’s wastebasket.

  15. Ally Miller | April 18, 2017 at 5:06 pm |

    I was the lone NO vote against this $100 thousand dollar giveaway of taxpayer money. Pima County is appealing the ruling that Pima County needs to get an appraisal of the lease, hold a public auction and lease it for no less than 90% of Fair Market Value. This is just one prong of that lawsuit. The Gift Clause Violation and the Emergency Procurement are still in the lower court.

    • Thanks Ally! Are you saying Steve Christy voted FOR the $100 grand?

      • She was the “lone” no vote. So assuming that Christy cast his vote, must have been a yes. She’s always battled for our best interest.

    • Thank you Ally I wish we had more like you on the BOS. As it is I am thinking it’s time to take away the power of the purse from the BOS as well as that idiot Huckleberry to stop things like this from happening

  16. As usual Ally, you are out of touch. Can you explain why your office has the highest budget of the five Sups?

    Time for you to step aside. We need someone who understands things.

    • Noodle noodles | April 18, 2017 at 8:21 pm |

      Sam if you’re up for supplementing billion dollar private companies may suggest you start with your wallet. Mine is close to being tapped out and nothing to show for it.

  17. It’s my perspective in 50 years here, that Tucson and Pima County started their descent into the liberal crap hole when the formerly conservative Tucson Citizen decided they had to go left and join the liberal print establishment. Since that point, there’s been no accountability (or at least, much less) from our elected officials.

    That being the case, the only way out is to cut off the head of the ADS…..

    …and that my friends means vowing to never again step foot on a Jim Click dealership in your life.

    Take away his ad money and the ADS dies…..

  18. SilverTones | April 18, 2017 at 7:35 pm |

    I’m surprised Bill Assenmacher got involved in this. I thought he had more sense. He’s all for business development but should also be aware the voters don’t have surplus lolly pops to hand out.

  19. Another Varney Parting Gift | April 18, 2017 at 9:01 pm |

    Another Varney parting gift. Is the entire Chamber Board asleep at the wheel? Who would approve such an assinine proposal?

  20. Is Sam, really Bill Assenmacher? Sure looks like it. What a dingbatt.

  21. VC Charlie | April 18, 2017 at 9:48 pm |

    When will the Huck get over himself? I say he has to go, but I have been saying that for years. Them idiots on the board keep renewing his contract because the dum dums in this county vote for the morons on the board. I hate this town and its politics. Cant wait to leave and go somewhere, far away from Huck Town USA.

  22. Vintage man | April 19, 2017 at 11:18 pm |

    Another example of our city and county officials forgetting The hard-working taxpayer How about we cut government spending, get rid of all the government employees that work at the city and county that don’t do much. You have a hard-working city and county employees usually at the line level and you have many others who just sit at a desk and barely do anything. Cut all these people and stop raising taxes. No the sales tax increases no to property tax increases and yes to reducing government spending. Get rid of all the needless high-paying jobs and use that money instead of always thinking you can raise taxes. Enough is enough

  23. Thank you Allly Miller for always thinking of the taxpayer

  24. From above–Supervisor Ally Miller is not only worried that once again Huckelberry is violating Arizona’s Gift Clause, she disputes his claim that the scheme was “our community’s guarantee.” “This was a contract between the Tucson Metro Chamber and American Airlines” stated Miller.

    According to Chuck the Tucson Chamber has the authority to enter into agreements that bind the County.

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