Ducey Expands Ciscomani Role On Arizona-Mexico Commission

Juan Ciscomani in Phoenix, Arizona with Governor Doug Ducey, and David Farca former President of the Arizona-Mexico Commission. Farca resigned his position as president of the Arizona-Mexico Commission in December 2016 due to a lawsuit in which he was accused of displaying a "consistent pattern of dishonest conduct."

Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona-Mexico Commission announced on Monday that Juan Ciscomani, who has served as director of Ducey’s Southern Arizona office since 2015, is being elevated to the role of Senior Advisor for Regional and International Affairs. Becky Freeman, who has served as deputy director of Ducey’s Southern Arizona office, has been promoted to director of the office.

Ciscomani will be responsible for the operations of the Southern Arizona office, the governor’s Hermosillo office, and the Arizona-Mexico Commission. Ciscomani will continue to work primarily in Tucson, and live there, and will remain a member of the governor’s senior staff.

“Juan has been instrumental in strengthening our relationship with Mexico—and, in this expanded role, I am confident that he will take it to the next level,” said Governor Ducey in a press release. “Growing our state’s economy and expanding job opportunities for Arizonans are closely tied to our relationship with our largest trading partner, Mexico. This is especially true in Southern Arizona, and Becky has been critical to our efforts to place a greater emphasis on economic development in metro Tucson. Juan and Becky are both consummate professionals, and I’m glad that both of them will be taking on more responsibilities in our administration.”

“I want to start by thanking Marcos Garay for his service to the commission as executive director. He leaves a strong foundation for Juan to build upon,” said Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) President Jessica Pacheco. “At the commission, we have made significant strides in cultivating relationships with elected officials and business leaders in Mexico. I look forward to working with Juan and continuing our important work to grow Arizona’s economy.”

“As an AMC board member and someone operating a business which depends on our commerce with Mexico, I’m proud to continue seeing Governor Ducey hold this important trade relationship as a priority,” added AMC Board Member Jaime Chamberlain.

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | April 18, 2017 at 12:44 am |

    Nice photo. If fashion law is ever enforced these three stooges are going away with life sentences…


  2. Luke Abrams | April 18, 2017 at 11:29 am |

    When Gov. Ducey says “Growing our State`s economy and expanding job opportunities for Arizonans” does he mean job opportunities for illegals, an Obama goal which Ducey never disavowed?

  3. Noodle noodles | April 18, 2017 at 8:25 pm |

    Ducey, are there no honest people in Arizona you can put in that position. Politicians scratching each otherd back. You are becoming an embarrassment

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