Pima County Residents Pay For Fancy World View Furniture, Equipment

Pima County taxpayers picked up the tab for World View furnishings

On Tuesday, the Pima County Board of Supervisors will consider approving a lease-purchase agreement with World View Enterprises and amend contractual language. The agreement includes an amendment to:

1) memorialize the Commencement Date after the substantial completion of construction of the building
2) establish the square footage size of the finished building which is necessary to calculate the rent amounts during the lease term
3) provide an inventory of the furniture, fixtures and equipment provided by Pima County.

According to the inventory included for the supervisors’ review, residents of the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the country, have purchase top-of-the-line furnishings for World View’s use. Those expensive furnishing, purchased mostly from retailer, Goodman’s Interior Structures, are itemized on a total of 8 pages.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment provided by Pima County to World View: [Click on image to view]

High-end Herman Miller brand furniture and big ticket technology fills page after page.

Normally, when a landlord agrees to build-to-suit for a lessee, furniture is not part of the bargain. However, it is well-known that Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and his team do things a little differently for cronies.

Supervisor Ally Miller, just recently questioned why Pima County supervisors were asked to approve yet one more no-bid contract with Goodman. Miller was given the run-around by Huckelberry and at no point did he mention the purchase of furniture for World View.

What makes the furnishings more surprising is the fact that the Goldwater Institute sued the County over its alleged illegal sweetheart deal with World View. Goldwater claims that the Pima County/World View deal violates Arizona’s Gift Clause.

A Pima County Superior Court Judge recently ruled in favor of Goldwater’s claim that the County didn’t properly execute the lease as outlined in ARS 11-256. According to state statute, the County is required to obtain an independent appraisal of the lease value, advertise the facility for lease and hold a public auction. They are allowed to accept a bid that is at least 90% of Fair Market Value. This process wasn’t followed.

The judge ruled that statute must be followed.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors then voted in a 3-2 vote to appeal the ruling. The appeal is pending as the other two claims by Goldwater; the violation of the Gift Clause and violation of emergency procurement statutes move forward in the Superior Court.

Chuck Huckelberry and Sharon Bronson turned over the keys to Jane Poynter and Taber McCallum, the principals of World View Enterprises in late December of 2016. While many residents struggled to provide Christmas for their families; their hard earned tax dollars were used to provide this gift to World View.

The work on this facility was expedited to ensure the facility was completed before it could be stopped by the Court.

Residents may recall the lavish invitation only party recently held by World View management, with a room full of the who’s who of the crony capitalists in Pima County. Wine poured freely and the entertainment was provided by the Tucson Symphony as the sun was setting.

Who among us wouldn’t celebrate having been given the keys to a 142 thousand square foot facility designed to specifications without investing a penny? This is 7 thousand square feet more than the original agreement supervisors approved in January, 2016.

Now we are finding out just how much taxpayers paid to outfit and decorate offices and work space for a company that refused to turn over any financial statements for review on behalf of those loaning them the money to build the facility: the Pima County taxpayers.
The Goldwater lawsuit has 3 prongs:

1. Gift Clause
2. Emergency Procurement Violation
3. Leasing of County Taxpayer owned property (ARS 11-256)

Goldwater sought summary judgement on prong 3 and the judge found in favor of Goldwater as described above. Then supervisors appealed that judgement and it is moving through appellate court. The other 2 claims are still moving in the superior court.


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  1. And on top of the rest of the BS that the county has done for the Gifford’s family (and don’t think for one minute that Gabby didn’t play a roll) now we buy them furniture for their offices. What next? Machines to make balloon parts? Pay their payroll taxes, give them a property tax break on the equipment and furnishings in the building? I am really glad that the stupid voters are getting their pockets picked by the cronies. They deserve it. How utterly pathetic to basically subsidize a business that most likely won’t be around in 5 years or so. BTW, just noted the in ADS that this area is lagging behind the nation in job creation. How about that kids, the local governments continue to piss away your money and ask for more as STEM graduates from the UofA can’t find a job in this area. SSDD in the sewer called Pima County. You must be so proud.

  2. Just another example of how deeply broken Pima county has become under the weight of Dingleberry’s brand of corruption.
    Undeterred by cost, I’m sure Bronsoons only question on the furniture was if it doubles as a flotation device?
    Worldview has become Pima county’s very own Solyndra.


  3. No offense to Goodman Furniture – they are THE place to go for top-quality office furniture – but why should my tax dollars support this? My place of work is also in Pima County and provides good paying jobs, but no one offered to upgrade our furniture. This is corruption and cronyism and the World View executives should be ashamed of themselves for robbing these funds from the tax payers. There is only so much discretionary money we each have. The more that is taken in taxes for non-essential services or goodies to select individuals/companies, the less the rest of us have to actually spend vacation or special treat money on World View services.

  4. How many flights do they have booked as soon as operations are ‘Ready to fly’ – what is that date and how are the flights scheduled – how are ‘rides’ ordered. No training flights? Where have they been flying this contraption ? How many flights have been logged? Where is the landing area? Right back at the take-off point? Will this effect local air traffic when this occurs ? Who’s on the hook if it crashes and kills its riders? What is the ’emergency escape technology for this device should things go wrong in flight’? I’ll suggest it will die of it’s own accord and this may well be the end of ‘county government’ as we know it with air Czar Huckfinn in command.

    • Billy, all that information is right beside the COT information on the ridership and maintenance costs to the taxpayers for the toy train. The deeper they bury it the less likely people are to bitch and most of the people around here are too stupid to know any better anyway.

  5. This is strongarm robbery, not a measly pickpocket deal at all. How are county officials getting away with this? Can’t the court order an injunction against further work on this rotten deal? I am appalled!

  6. Gee, I started and ran a business of over 100 employees here in Tucson and when pruchasing office Furniture I would have loved to have been able to lease the furniture from Pima County. Clearly the county needs to be more agressive advertising the services they provide to the Business community.

    What department manages the furniture leasing operation?

  7. Citizens of Tucson and Pima County better wake up and vote some of these people out. I don’t know how long this can go on before we are bankrupt.

    • Stephen, the stupid voters had a chance in November but the cronies poured thousands of dollars into Bronson’s campaign to keep the money flowing to them. The stupid voters bought Bronson’s BS hook, line and sinker. How utterly pathetic.

    • Stephen, I suspect we are already there but Chuck is able to manuver quicker than the auditors. I’m sure he has emergency funds hidden somewhere to keep the game going until he decides to retire to mexico. I pitty the person who follows him.

  8. Sad, sad, sad that this is just business as usual. Voters must work harder next time to throw the bums out.

  9. Only giffords husband could take pima county taxpayers for millions for i kid you not ballon rides into space. You just can’t make these things up. I hope gold water wins and Huckleberry fin has to write us a check out of his own pocket.

  10. This BOS BS is why my grad in May is going to be leaving Tucson, See Brain Drain article. This is her future if she stays here, burdened by the wasteful taxes she will work so hard to hand over to incompetent idiots running the BOS and city clowncil.
    Run honey! and run far!

  11. Can you imagine how many roads could
    have been fixed on the millions P.C.
    has illegally spent on this “enterprise?”

  12. $15 Million plus $800,000 = $15,800,000.00 of taxpayer money. It is resolution without representation! Remember, Tea Tax started out country. Let’s take back our county. Aren’t any of you pissed off about the illegal use of your hard earned money?
    How many of you will ride the balloon? Right, not any of us south of the Rillatio River. Shouldn’t we demand the $15,800,000.00 put back where it belongs?

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