Lasley: On Trump’s Wall

Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.

10 Comments on "Lasley: On Trump’s Wall"

  1. What, Again | May 14, 2017 at 5:23 am |

    “He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies…”

    About as weak of a cartoon as I’ve seen in years. I hope he didn’t have to rely on his freelance work for his earnings.

  2. Oh look, another worthless cartoon from the dull little man in Tubac with a sharp pencil.

  3. Working Man Blues | May 14, 2017 at 6:15 am |

    Lasley and Fitz are both really good at the art. Horrible with their messaging. What a waste of talent.

  4. As to calling him a cartoonist, he is just like fritz, a drawer and thats about it. The message is one getting acclaim thru media such as this. Negative reviews are what they crave as they then can claim to have achieved the mark!

  5. that the head of the FBI was fired has no effect on ‘investigation’ the FBI is the FBI – nothing changed when he left except his position as it’s director. I’d suggest it improved significantly in his departure as leadership of the agency… which is in my opinion at a low of low like not seen since the McCarthy era.

  6. Luke Abrams | May 14, 2017 at 1:58 pm |

    Presumably Mister Lasley thinks there is a message somewhere in this cartoon but it is not at all clear. Is he trying to tell us he LIKES a wall if it contains Trump, the guy he hates? Except for Lasley regularly proving the Dems and their propaganda arm, the major media, are a safe space for incompetence, the guy`s efforts are pretty much a waste of space.

  7. These Trumpsters don’t know what the hell they are talking about❗️Lasley’s professional artistic creative talent continues to crack me 😂 While he clearly shares the truth and obviously hits the Trumpsters NERVES😂👍

    • Mostly likely you’re already smoking the crack you speak of, otherwise you’d see that your position is out of touch. Here I’ll offer some real insight:

  8. And yet Moonbeam Jerry Brown is taking tax payer money in CA to pay legal expenses of those that snuck under the fence. because of the radical left in this country we must have a wall. To enforce the laws they willfully ignore.

  9. Mister Marko, have you not heard of the funny saying you are a “crack up”? example: 😂 Frankly, my horse 🐴 is well and alive❗️ Maybe You ought to quit taking your CRACK and gallop off into reality with your Trumpsters buddies❗️🐴🐴🐴🐴

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