Dragoon Fire Causes Evacuations

Dragoon, Cochise County, Arizona [Photo from Google Maps]

A wildfire in the area of Dragoon, an unincorporated community in Cochise County, is forcing evacuations. The community, 17 miles east-northeast of the city of Benson, has a population of little over 200.

According to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and Sheriff’s personnel are all in the area advising residents to prepare personal belongings and find a safe location to go to. The American Red Cross has been notified and will be establishing an evacuation shelter plan.

Union Pacific has been notified and have stopped all trains travelling in that area until further notice.

The Sheriff’s Office is advising residents to “get your “go bag” ready and be able to leave at a moments notice. Include important papers, medications, identification, money (cash/cards), water, pet needs if you have an animal at home, to include food and water for them.”


  1. OMG, I truly hope “the thing” will be safe from this wild fire. What a tragic historical loss that would be for future generations of gawkers being fleeced for entry fees. Not too mention the DQ.

    • The thing is in
      no danger.the people in dragoon are ones in its path. But thank you for being concerned. Our thoughts and prayers from the employees at the thing goes out to those in arms way and to the brave men and women who fight these fires and to their families

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